Ughs, is this really my life?

Published July 1, 2008 by sadistickitten

So my parents said that they wanted to get together with us some time this week since my dad's got this week off work. I hadn't heard from them since Saturday because I called them (shocker like always) to see what was up and this is the week that my dad's got off of work (he's always got the first week of July off).

My dad said that he would call later on at 7pm on Saturday (promised me like I should be shocked) and I was busy writing letters that I had no idea that it was after 7pm. When I realized it was almost 10pm and I didn't want to call then. We were out most of Sunday at the mall so I didn't see the point of calling when after all he didn't call me back.

I tried today when Tony went to do the grocery shopping (hurt my foot stupid silly me when we went to the mall the other day) and all I got was “I'm sorry but your call didn't go through” which would also mean that they blocked me. Of course it COULD be a problem with the phone connection I don't know. If I call their cellphones what if they say to me “I'm sorry we are currently blocking you because you're blocking your sister.”

Which would be ridiculous for them to do because I told them that I don't want anything to do with her so why is it wrong that I'm blocking my sister? I mean after all, I have the right to block whomever I'd like (ok with our phone we get 12 numbers so I can only block 12 people but still).

Tony's calling me paranoid because I can't get through to them. Well you tell me if I'm being paranoid or being worried like I should be. After all, if you were in my situation wouldn't you be a little paranoid? I mean after all, I normally can get through to my parents house and no all of a sudden I just can't? You tell me if that sounds odd to you.

This one of those perfect times when I wish that I had a cellphone to call my parents house to find out if I am indeed being blocked. I thought of calling their cellphones but I don't know if I can take that right now. What if it's true and my parents have blocked me? How would that conversation go? “Hi, I was wondering what's up with the phone” My mom's response “we're blocking you becuase you're blocking your sister” or something like that. Or their cellphones aren't working and they're turned off (which is most likely the case).

I might end up callilng use the phone number blocking just to see if that's the issue then it's not the issue then I'll know but I haven't tried that yet. I shall do that tomorrow I think, I've taken enough rejection for one day.

god, my life has turned into a bad drama and not even one of the good ones the really bad ones done by scifi channel people.


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