project 365: Day 126

Published June 27, 2008 by sadistickitten

Finally had my “sample” that I got in the mail.  It was soo very yummy and too rich for me but I ate all the chocolate because that's what the period wants (yeah I've got that time of the month) so that's what the period gets.  I finished

 's letter tonight which will go out tomorrow and I'm currently writing

's letter but I'm taking a break from writing because I've been doing that for a few hours now and I need a break.  I'll try to finish her letter for tomorrow, we'll see if that happens and how my arm feels thanks to sleeping at it wrong it's not too bad but does hurt after awhile.  If not, then it'll go out on Monday when I've got my dentist appointment.

Take care all, I know I owe you guys flist read & an update I'm working on it.  I'm waiting to see if everything's going to be ok on Sunday till I do that so be sure to keep your fingers crossed that we get the $ from this guy or we're pretty much screwed 😦 and life will pretty much suck because I”m not sure how long we'll be able to survive….

by the sweet:


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