Bullshit Liar!

Published June 26, 2008 by sadistickitten

Here's what I hate, you READ the rules and everything that people have up on their requests but then the maker (whom happens to hate you for whatever reasons) decides to:

1) delete the entry in question that's CLAIMING to be done wrong (conviently so NO one can say “look I did so”)
2) lie about you (or others) doing something wrong and not posting your requests because you don't like them. 

If you don't want to make for people, just come out and SAY it don't fuckin' about it.  So I'm sick of their bs lies so I left the community.  Fuck them!  That's why I don't have such fuckin' complicated rules for others to follow in my community I'm sorry but there's no reason to lie to people and play favors when you clearly know the person did everything right!  I READ the rules and yes I've slipped up once or twice (some communities have these OUT landish rules about what you should here or there) but I don't make the mistake again.  Besides, we're all human and make mistakes.  I don't see the point of making others feel like crap by saying this to everyone.  It's very unfair!  Another good reason why I left a bunch of graphic communities, fuck the haters! 


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