Project 365: Day 120

Published June 18, 2008 by sadistickitten

Got my new pants in the mail ^_^ YAY I had to buy new ones since:

1) my old ones were VERY old and I was starting to get holes in them 
2) they weren't 100% cotton and I was having issues with them (apparently I'm allergic to anything that's not 100% cotton in pants)
3) I was having issues with my other pants
4) laundry mats washer & dryer have shrunk them (found some 100% cotton ones that are now too small in the crotch and felt like it was squeezing me to death NOT comfy) 
5) my old pants I've had for over 5+ years now so I really needed a change

Wohoo man do they feel oh so comfy, I'm currently wearing the black one & these were apparently made for someone with long legs when I have nothing for legs *laughs* I'm all 5'1″ yah I'm a shorty but I wear high heels/soles so I don't look that short all the time.

I'll update about what's been going on and what happened father's day as well.

by the sweet:


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