I'm In Love……………..

Published June 11, 2008 by sadistickitten

with my ac unit that is 😉  God I gotta tell you, it's soo nice not sweating to death here.  It's kind of warm outside but in here i don't notice it.  We used fans in the bedroom last night to help us sleep since it doesn't exactly get the bedroom but I woke up this morning in NO pool of sweat and that's first for all spring/summer time.  ^_^ It's much cooler in the house now (unless we use the oven, Tony's choice NOT mine but with the ac it's not so bad) thanks to the ac unit.  Very much worth the $.  Now I just have to wait till Tony pays me back 😉 we went halfsies on it!


Thanks for everyone's help, with the ac now I can actually breathe with my allergies they're much better today!


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