Freakishly Good!

Published June 11, 2008 by sadistickitten

What's everyone up to?  Whoa, just finished reading “the stepford wives” whoa!!!  That's all I gotta say!!  They were right, at first the book was very dry and not so good to read, then it got good in the middle with and the end wow I could hardly put it down!!!  I know that a bunch of people would have been done it faster but like I said, it was rather dry or I would've finished it sooner.  What I loved was that they left it open as if nothing will ever change in that town.  Next I'll read the book that I'm borrowing from Marie since I should read it after all, she lent it to me awhile back.  I might read a princess diaries book (perfect princess) inbetween since I have that already sort of started.  Netflix has “stepford wives” the new one coming in tomorrow that's why I rushed to read the book tonight.

Well I'm off to watch some shows that I haven't caught up on in quiet some time (I'm behind I know) and write to Sanni.  Take care all & have a good week.



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