Welcome To The 21st Century!

Published June 10, 2008 by sadistickitten

I want to wish a happy birthday to

who's birthday is tomorrow the 11th but I wanted to get these to her before tomorrow so she can use them tomorrow πŸ˜‰ I'm thinking ahead isn't that nice?  Hope that you like these, I didn't make any icons for you because I was in my blinkie making mood so instead made what I'm good at.  If you'd like icons, I'll try to make some for you tomorrow when I post my entry, just ask!  I REALLY like these, especially the HK ones!!!  




Last night, watched “World Poker Tour” and tried to relax and sit by the fan cooling ourselves from the heat.  I literally thought that I was going to die it was so freakin' hot!!!  Did my best to stay out of the computer since it was far too hot to sit in there any longer.  I read “stepford wives” and I got to the middle part of the book YAY can't wait to finish it!!!  I already got it ready to be the next netflix movie that we get πŸ˜‰ I'm always thinking ahead it's a gift and a curse (as “Monk” would say).  

Tried to go to bed after the show was over, but the heat was too much for us so stayed up and tried to get ourselves to get just get tired.  We have been staying up till late hours lately it's crazy!!  I think it has more to do with the weather than anything else because we're so hot that we can't seem to sleep because it's far too sticky. *blah* I hate it.  

Instead of sleeping, I read my book while Tony went on the computer to check for his new project that he's working on.  While I was playing my DS game “Cross Word DS” (yah I played that before I read my book to help me to sleep) all of a sudden, the fan I wasn't using (we had 2 towards the window to let out the hot heat & the other one was on me) decided to act up.  I touched the fan to find out what was wrong to see if I could jiggle or something to get it to work.  The minute that I took my hand off it, the unit sparked (lucky huh?) and then went out.  The fan no longer started working!!  😦 *gggrr* not that it mattered too much for me since I had a fan that was next to me but when we did finally go to sleep, I'd be dieing from the heat 😦 (it's on my side of the bed of course).  

Told Tony me about what happened and he said that we'll have to buy one in the morning (considering it was after 1am I wanted to say “you mean now?” that's what my sarcastic side said but instead I said this) and instead of buying another fan which would have been kiind of stupid, we decided to get an ac unit.  We looked and looked online for prices of them and man were portable ac's expensive!!  Holy Shit!!!  

Woke up this morning by Princess coming into the bedroom and wanting to take the fan for herself πŸ˜‰ she's too cute I tell you TOO cute!!!  She walked on my back a bit and even gave me some deep tissue work which was rather nice.  She stayed on my back for a few more minutes then she sat besides me taking up most of my side of the bed (switched sides with Tony because I wanted the fan *hee hee*).

Tony was frustrated with the prices that they wanted for portable ac units and he decided to check out the windows again.  This time he moves things around and low & behold, the screens could be taken out, it's with a different type of screen then we're used to dealing with but it came out very easily (damn, if I had only know it would've taken them out to clean them sooner..oh well, I know it now.  I got to clean the windows soon too).  So we could now get a normal ac unit YAY!

Did a few things online then we headed out to do the laundry (I hate doing the laundry in this heat icky, ok I hate doing ANYTHING in this weather), head to Walmart to check out ac units, as well as the bank.  Walmart we found out only had ONE unit left (score) but unfortunately it was far too big & it cost like twice as much as what I'd like to spend on one.  Frustrated and upset, we were just going to go home and check out Target online or something.  Then Tony thought of a local electronics store that sells everything from ovens to tvs.  We got there and found out they were waiting for a delivery of them wtf we seriously have NO luck at all today huh?  After talking with the guy about what size unit we needed, he said that they had ONE last one left that would make our apartment nice and cool!  Score!  

Got it home and had our fun time putting it into the window and what not.  Tony and I worked as a team to get it in there and of course made sure that princess wasn't anywhere to be seen or she'd try to jump out the window.  Hell of a time getting it in but we did finally and now we're cool in here but the bedroom's still pretty hot 😦 I'm not sure what to do about that, anyone have any suggestions?  We have a small apartment so the ac should get the whole place.  Any clues?

Got this online at https://shop.theanimalrescuesite.com/store because it was only $9.99 and it was about 3 dollars shipping which it was 15 dollars so it was marked down to a good price that's why I bought it.  I wanted it for father's day since my dad made his rude as comments basically saying that I should get rid of Princess and all my allergies would get better *rolls eyes* yes because doing that would save me from my OUTDOOR allergies.  I love it!! I've been wearing it since I got it it in today in the mail ^_^

here's the ac that we got ^_^ I love it, if only Tony would learn how it works!!  Men, they THINK that they know everything *rolls eyes* (I know about ac's since my dad's had them for years now.  I've picked up a lot!!

Below are gifts that jessica/

 sent me:

I've been wearing the earrings EVERY day so far since I've gotten them ^_^

I was going to dye my hair but I've decided that I like how my hair looks so I'm keeping it like this for awhile.  It's cool, I'll show pics of it, the red's pretty much gone out of it but the brown has stayed!!!

Well the show's going to bed on in like 2 or 3 minutes so I'll let you go now.  Take care.

by me


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