Severe Weather Advisery For Your Area

Published June 9, 2008 by sadistickitten

Didn't write a full update last night because I just didn't feel like it, the heat was really bothering. Not that it's not bothering me right now because it is but I am sticking it out (no pun intended).

Got my order from that I purchased because it was a good price and I thought either I could use it or I could give it to a penpal so I won't say what it is but just know that some of you like Sanrio items just as much as I do so you will very much enjoy this specific item. As to whom will get it, don't know.

for your birthday, would you like me to make you some blinkies for it? Also would would you like some birthday graphics for your birthday? I'll wait to start the graphics til you tell me yes that's what you'd like me to do. If there are others that want me to make you some graphics for your birthday, tell me and I'll do that. I'll do them on the laptop in the living room that way I'll be cooler than being in here (but we don't have wireless internet so I can't go online while doing the graphics).

Thanks to for the book! I'll be sure to read it, do you want me to send it back with the other one when I'm done?! I'm sorry that I haven't read the other book yet (I don't know, I've never sent books to anyone or had anyone send one to me before yah I'm sad I know) but I shall read the one next.

Started reading “stepford wives” because I just found it in my bookcase the other day night when I finished “princess lessons” and I know, I found it's a thriller book which I don't mind actually. However, I hate horror but I don't mind suspect/horror one. It's a slimmer book so I should be done it in the next few days. I know others that would be done right now but I'm not like that. Plus, I keep getting distracted.

“The Grand” is coming tomorrow from netflix YAY, it's got Phil Gordon (my poker idol) and a bunch of other poker players that I can't wait to see. I heard it's not that good but I don't care what the critics say about the movie, I still want to see it.

Today's a bit cooler outside rather than yesterday. Which is kind of nice still sticky as hell but better than it was. We're supposed to get some relief on Wednesday god I hope so!!! We sure could use it, I know that for sure.

We want to buy a portable AC since our windows are closed (the landlord put them in upside down *rolls eyes* shocker, he screwed something else up) and we can't use them in the windows but since money's a bit tight right now, we will have to wait till Tony gets the money from that guy on the new project he's working on. God I can't wait till then!!!!

Grocery shopping wasn't too bad at all, not too many people either there so that was cool. I didn't wear makeup as I don't normally wear it in the summertime since it's too damn hot to put it on that I'll just melt it off my face so really what's the point?

There was a severe weather advisery report for our area due to the high temps in the afternoon. With the dew point, it was up to a high point it was like 113 degrees in the sun earlier which they told people to stay indoor (ac place *ggrr* fu weather people), and drink plenty of water (that part I have been doing). Icky, just hope tomorrow's better and the pollen count is high today, just fuckin' great. That's why I can barely breathe because my allergies are driving me bonkers. I swear, I HATE summer!

Well it's getting really sticky in here so I'm going to head out to the living room and read my book plus relax. Trying to stay cool.

Well take care all, hope that everyone has a good week. I just hope it gets cooler soon 😦

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