Hot & Steamy Day

Published June 7, 2008 by sadistickitten

First, I would like to welcome to my friends list. I hope that you enjoy reading my journal, can't wait to get to know you better.

I have decided to do updates this way & talk about my project 365 stuff in another post. I am getting sick of doing them but I want to finish so I'll do them but only a small update then I'll do a real update after like I'm doing now. Hope that's cool with everyone, I tend to get bored and sick of things after awhile.

How's everyone's weekend going so far? Mine's not bad, just dealing with a heat spell 😦 and it's really making me so very tired. I hate how sticky weather. Here it's 82 degrees outside and it “say” it feels 85 but with the humidity it feels 100 or worse. Blah, at least there's a nice breeze out there but it's not really helping my allergies at all. My nose bled already today due to me not being able to breathe last night so I had to blow it plus it's so dry out right now no wonder that it bled. I hate summer time I really do, I'd rather have fall/spring weather ALL the time rather than summer ANY day. Hell, I'd rather have winter than summer.

Filled requests in and I made a few more things for the next few freebies. I will post a new freebie in a little bit, after I read my flist since I'm a bit behind on that right now. I have a few things that I know that others will love. ^_^ I want to make another freebie first before I post the new ones that I've created. I also have to figure out a cute couple one since I haven't done that in a long time but for those of you that are single, I'll have something for you guys to request.

Still haven't put away the hello kitty gift package that sent me the other day but I will soon. Princess keeps knocking it on the floor whenever we go to bed because she loves plastic and well she loves to get into bags that have nothing to do with her. She's too cute. Speaking of cute Princess, I woke the other day with her in a tiny little ball in front of my tummy that caused me to wake up but luckily I fell back asleep again. Tony said that she was spread out between us when he woke up later awe how cute!

Stopped reading “Candy Cane murder” because I didn't the writing style of the book, I thought it was very much rushed but I love the recipes that they have in their, that's very cool! I might read another book by her but this time make sure it's not with 2 other people writing in it as well because then I just don't like it. Maybe I didn't like it because of the girls' name in it, I don't know but it just bothered me. The book was annoying to me and I had to stop reading it.

I finished letters to: , , and Megan C (forgot her username) which all went out earlier. We were up early again so I had a lot of time on my hands to get stuff done. I will finish 's letter and have it out for Monday. Then I'll be done with letters well so far 😉 that could change Monday ;).
I am now reading “Princess Lessons” because I need a comforting book from a writer that I like and I needed something that wasn't too hard to read or too long. It'll take me a few days to read it (or less depending on how much I read it) so after all that, I'm not sure what I'll read but I have far too many books to not keep reading. ^_^ I love having my own “summer reading program” where I just keep reading and reading rather than do other things.

Well I'm going to go now so I can read my flist then start working on the new freebies that I want to make. Take care all, have a good weekend.

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