wtf I don't understand people!

Published June 6, 2008 by sadistickitten


One of my friends tells me that on myspace she can't view my profile and the ONLY way to fix it is to restart her computer. Now I view my profile a lot (I like to listen to my  music that I have on there) and I have NEVER had a problem viewing my profile but I have others because they're got a lot of graphics and stuff which takes awhile for the page to load.

Why do people have to send me messages saying things like that?  As if it's MY fault that her stupid computer doesn't work correctly?  Maybe if she got an updated one she wouldn't have that problem.  Gesh!  It's seriously a pet peeve of mine when peole go and say shit like that.  As if her computer shutting down is MY problem or issue?  Hhhhm let me think about that?  NOPE sorry.  I sent her a message back saying “it's got your computer but NO one else has that problem viewing my profile nor do I.”  Wtf seriously, don't blame me for YOUR issues.  *rolls eyes*


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