Update On Life

Published June 6, 2008 by sadistickitten

Thanks again to for the Hello Kitty package that she sent me. ^_^ soo very sweet of you, you didn't have to you know that right? I owe you 10 things, just give me 10 pixels and I'll make them for you. It's the least that I can do for all that you did for me. If you don't know what you want, I'll look through my collection and make you 10 things if you'd like. Just let me know hun. I'll get on your letter soon.

Today I've decided not to do a project 365 because there's nothing to take a picture of. But I will do a small update of what's been going on however. Last night, I finished my letter to Megan which was supposed to go out today but it didn't (I'll explain more later). I haven't started 's letter yet but I plan to do that today however (after I finish up this entry).

Ended up going to bed after Reno 911 was over (that was 11pm) but I still got a chance to read a bit before so I could “get ready” and Tony wouldn't have to deal with me not being ready when he came in later. I'm totally enjoying my book ^_^ but I hate how one of the main characters' name is Melinda that I could live without but other than that it's good.

Woke up a bit before 4am, probably about 3am or something like that. Tony woke up around 4am and we got up to go on our computer for awhile. He got breakfast at Friendly's since we were up so damn early. Around 9am, went back to sleep again since we were both exhausted.

Got up later at 4pm (yah that's right!) but I woke up once because Princess was in front of my belly but it was a quick time that I was awake. It was so cute her being right on me ^_^ she loves us sooo very much! It's really nice. In the mail, I got 2 letters one from & which I will reply to soon but first since hers came first.

Fill requests for and I've already got 2 things that I've made that I'll post later on. They're both things that summery type of thing since it's that type of weather now. I haven't done a couple one in awhile so I'll look through my stuff (have far too many pixels for my own good) and see about making that a freebie as well. Might be 3 different choices to change it up.

Well I'm off to go and write Jessica's letter since I owe her one. She's gone on vacation right now but that doesn't mean that I can't make sure to write hers up. Hope that you have fun sweetie.

Take care all & have a good weekend. I was going to read/comment on posts today but of course that didn't happen. I'll do that tomorrow.

by me


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