Project 365: Day 111

Published June 5, 2008 by sadistickitten

First off I would like to say thank you to

 for the package that she sent me ^_^ It totally made my day and I was like huh?  I already got my coaster from and my order from had come in yesterday so I was like wtf is this?!  I was very interested in what would be sent to me since I had everything that I ordered.  Didn't even think it was from her because I did read in her journal about that but I totally forgot!  I thought maybe it was a sweepstakes win from since others were getting in theirs.


 and Tony was shocked that I was so quiet last night ^_^ for many hours writing her letter (didn't take any breaks writing it either like I normally do).  I'm a bit of a talker, I'll talk and talk at times til you shut me up but not all the time just when I feel like it so at times Tony doesn't exactly listen to me because I'm hard to take.  I know, that's why I can say/tell stuff to him and he's totally forgets it because I talk far too fast too.  I get annoying to myself at times too šŸ˜‰ You wouldn't know this about me but that's just how I am.  Of course maybe you would since I do write long entries šŸ˜‰

I played some of my Sims 2 game since it had been a long time I played it last and man did I miss it!!!  My characters are now doing different things then they were doing before as job wise which is really rather cool.  I still don't get the whole open business stuff because I get confused about that stuff.  Should I make them quit their job?  Well I'll wait till they've got TONS of money and I'll use money trees that I can get my money that way I won't have to worry about not paying the bills.  Oh if it was only THAT easy with life!!!!    

Ordered 2 books from earlier with my gift card that I got from (we give her treats at night for her teeth when her food is gone) one's for learning forgiveness by the dahli lama.  I think that I need some help with that so it will be a good book to read for sure.  I wasn't going to buy myself any books but Tony said that he didn't want any books nor could I figure out whom to give it to so I decided I'll use it.  I LOVE books, I'm such a book whore I tell you.

I haven't started my letter to Megan yet but I will when I get off here and finish this entry hopefully soon (I keep getting distracted) I'll start it at least.  Thanks Fiona for the note, I was wondering if you were still my pal because I hadn't heard from you in awhile and I was thinking that you stopped being my pal anymore.  Good to know and thanks for the heads up!  šŸ˜€ Jessica/

 thanks for the letter too!

Starting to love my book “candy cane murder” it's pretty good and I'm not that far along so I don't know who murdered the guy yet but I'll figure it out, I'm on chapter 5 so that doesn't really give me that much to go as of yet (now I sound like a detective *laughs* I wish I was I wanted to be Nancy Drew when I grew up but I'm not as smart as she is).  

I'll do a picture post soon of things, various pictures as well as Foxwoods when we last went as well as Easter stuff.  I TOTALLY forgot to post pictures of that but if you're on myspace you'll noticed that I posted like 200 pics on there (yes I went overboard but some was what Jessica got me, others was Easter, etc) so check them out.  

Tony played a few tournies today and he won one of them which is pretty nice ^_^ YAY.  I checked out my card and I've got more money on it YAY for me again.  I'm soo thrilled!!!!  I know I'm excited about having cash on there but I've used to buy this many things so far:

~a red sox hat for my dad
~sanrio order x 2
~hot topic order
~drugstore order to get the brita

I think that I might be missing one oh well.  Well hope that everyone had a good week, & have a good weekend.  Take care all.

Oh I've decided that on Friday before Father's Day I'm going to dye my hair black.  The roots are already showing šŸ˜¦ it's darker than the rest of my hair (my roots look black I shit you not, I'll take a before and after picture for people to see what I do look like now.  I don't hate how I look I just hate the roots being darker than the rest of my hair is what drives me bonkers!  Tony does like darker hair so he won't be upset with the darker roots ^_^  I'm a mix of colors, always have been!  My “natural” color (I say it that was for a reason and you'll see why when I explain) is dirty blonde so it's blonde and dark brown.  Depending on what shap/cond I use (some people don't believe me but living with my parents they would NEVER let me dye my hair) my hair turns to blonde, brown, dark brown, darker brown and yes even black once.  I have pics to prove it too!  But in my dark brown hair I've always seen dark colors in it so that explains what my hair color looks like.  *laughs* aren't you happy to know?

Well I got to get going and do the dishes then start the letter for Megan C. so it'll go out soon.  I gotta make sure to buy some stamps soon and not forever ones, I'm sooo soooo sick of them now.

Take care all and have a good weekend (ok tomorrow night but close enough ).

by me


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