Project 365: Day 110

Published June 4, 2008 by sadistickitten


Ended up staying up later which helped me to finish my letter to Maiju which went out today along with a letter to

.  I haven't even started

's letter yet but I will when I get off here but I wanted to write up an update about today like I pretty much always do. I'll work on your letter after I get done with this entry ok?  Cool, thanks ^_^  After finishing her letter, Tony wanted to watch something on demand but when I saked him to rewind that since I had to brush my hair it was getting knotty (took a shower before finishing up her letter) and I missed stuff.  When he did so, we got a communications error and it said to call Comcast if it continued.  Decided to go to bed instead and deal with it in the morning or that maybe it would fix itself.  

Got up this morning did some stuff online and we were about to watch the rest of the show on demand since it wasn't going to work with the stupid thing in the way while we were trying to watch it (the error message went across the screen) and it was still acting up so I wrote down the code & the phone number to call and Tony called them up (while playing poker).  I would've called but since my name isn't on the bill they won't let me do shit *rolls eyes* I'm married to Anthony AND we have the same last name but you tell me that I can't call about our house? Wtf?  That's rather lame if you ask me.  Anyhoo, finally got it up and working again after her help with what to do with the box.  Next time we know what to do.


's letter (like I said before it went out with Maiju's letter) before we ate lunch (actually around 10am since I was up so damn early I got a lot done today) watched some “blue collar tv” god I gotta tell you I LOVE that show!!!  It's wicked pissah!  Later on watched “Resident Evil: Extinction” which wasn't that good but I've seen the other movies so I figured why not watch this one plus it was funny to laugh at things that they were saying and say “this couldn't happen normally.”  It was cool to see Ali Larter in another role other than her Heroes character, not that she hasn't branched out but after seeing her in “Heroes” it's nice to see her in something different.

Princess got on Tony's lap while we were watching tv earlier ^_^ awww it was so cute because it was particuarlly on me as well while Tony and I were snuggligng.  That's so adorable when kitty sits down to watch tv with us or snuggles with us while we're in bed.  The other day came one time while we were sleeping in bed and she slept between us ^_^ aww isn't that the cutiest ever?!  

Brita finally came in from we got it since water has gone up in our area to a dollar!  A dollar?!  You're kidding me?  Nope, I'm serious a dollar so instead we'll be using the Brita for water.  I've been wanting to get one for awhile now since I hate that taste from tap water (not that I drink tap water because I don't) and water isn't regulated by the gov't (it's true, there's NO requirement as of yet what they can and can NOT put in water think of that the next time you drink “spring” water) so you have no clue what's in there.  Sickening isn't it?!  Some place could claim it's “spring” water when it could just from tap water.  I'm going to use it for Princess' water as well.

Well I want to start

 letter and find out what all the noise is in the kitchen that Princess is making so I'll let you go now.  take care & have a good rest of the week.  

BTW: I did check out my friends list I saw posts from a few people especially

 sorry to hear about your loss, my thoughts are with you at this troubling time (if I was religious which I'm not, I've got no religion actually…bet you not many of you knew that one huh?). 

 much appreciated about sending the package of things that you got me, you really didn't have to make it come sooner, USPS would've been fine I trust you sweetie.  Thanks for the rush delivery anyways.  If you see any cute pixels that you want, pick up to 10 of them and I'll them for you and feel free to post them in THIS entry. 

 hope everything with your mail situation gets fixed soon, I've been there before.  

sorry about Torrid not caling, I'm sorry about that 😦 maybe you should call them?  Just to check up, if it's been a week they might have forgotten.  Ok that's all I got to say about my friends list.  I got to cut princess' claws and I got to write a letter tonight, I'm out.  And I got to fill requests for

 so I really have to get my lazy ass off the computer, damn HEAT!  GGRR

by me


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