Project 365: Day 109

Published June 3, 2008 by sadistickitten


Watched WPT last night then afterwards, Tony decided to play a tourney which I used that time to write my letter to Christi (which went out today by the way) and get that out of the way.  I unfortunately didn't get another letter written but I hope tonight to get 2 letters out for tomorrow, hopefully that's what happens.  If not, then I'll make sure to get at least one mean Maiju's letter will go out tomorrow.

Anyhoo, read more of my book last night and I read a part that said “Melinda” ok no NOT the same thing but still it's close to my sister's name (hers is with an a instead of e) but still it bothered me.  I was just like gesh, I can't read a freakin' book without seeing her name.  ggrr Got over it and kept on reading getting ready for bed while Tony was playing his game online (call of duty 4 what else?).  Had a dream last night about my family & yes my sis was in it.  I was mainly with my mom however so that was at least a little bit better.  It was rather odd and weird but I knew that I'd dream about her or shall I say have a nightmare about her.

Woke up later in the day because I woke up a few times during the night because of Princess being on me and kept kicking her off.  Woke too later to enter the giveaway at Allure (shoot!  It was one that I REALLY wanted too 😦 pooh).  Worked on lunch, watched the lastest “Live At Gotham” and man do I LOVE watching comedy it really helps to relieve stress by laughing.  Did you know that?!  If you didn't, you do now 😉

Went to S&S to get stuff for the house, I was going to get some bags that they sell to put my groceries in them but Tony wasn't in the mood today and was bitchy (he must be on his period) so I'll get them next time.  I'll end up buying about 6 or 7 of them they're only 99 cents each which is better than stupid grocery bags.  Yes we need them for kitty litter but we have tons already so we'll be fine not to have bags anymore.

Tony gave me a nice compliment when I went into the kitchen to figure out what to eat he goes “you look thinner” which of course I HAD to kiss him when he said that because that totally made my day ^_^ I've been doing my best every day plus I've been using firming lotion (which is getting low but I'll just use other lotion when it's gone since I've got much from contests/sweepstakes then when I'm done all that I'll get the firming again) before I go to bed which really helps.  Plus I've been sweating like crazy lately due to the warmer weather here.  After this entry, I gotta take a shower because if I was a Sim I'd have the meter going up towards the red mark not there yet but it's going to be soon.

Got the mail earlier and I noticed an envelope in there (*points to above picture*) said “Jessi Martino” if you're thinking that they just made a mistake about my name you're wrong!  Tony used to have an ex fiancee before me that they dated for awhile and got engaged. They never got married but they were engaged for a long time (another good reason why he waited to get married with me till later on) and they lived together of course.  There's a longer story and people who've been my friends for a long time will remember me talking about her before.  Well when Tony and I first got together he used to talk about her a LOT so much that I felt like he was comparing us.  
I hated being compared to anyone because I was always compared to my sis (she's got all A's why can't you do that?  Gesh, sorry I have LD's that cause me to be “stupid” compared to her) and now he was compared me to ex's just wonderful (totally sarcastic here). 

There's more reasons why I hate seeing her name when I get my mail but I won't get into it.  Let's just say he compared me to her for EVERYTHING and I just got sick of it because he's no longer with her why compared me to her?!  I'm the one who's with him not her right?  He doesn't do that anymore however because I told him how much it drives me nutso, thank god I say!  So whenever I see her name on in OUR mailbox when I get the mail, I want to scream!  She was NEVER married to Tony and it's almost as if she was the “first wife” because they were together for a very long.  I know that might sound very stupid to you guys but whenever I see her name or hear about her, I just want to scream.  The way he used to talk about her as if she was this god or something.  

Also did the laundry since it was getting up there and this guy was there with his kid.  He acted as if he was stuck with this kid.  He'd put stuff in places and then when I came he'd say “don't put that there people could fall over it” Yeah like the kid could actually pick up the HEAVY bag filled of clothes (the kid looked like he was 5 or something).  Sure mister whatever you say.  Gesh, if you did it then just admit and say you're sorry not yell at your kid to fix it *rolls eyes* it was so odvious that the kid didn't do it because he looked at his dad cluelessly.

Well I need to get going now and write Maiju's letter for tomorrow.  Take care & have a good week.



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