Project 365: Day 108

Published June 2, 2008 by sadistickitten


After getting offline last night, ended up watching “Frequency” and I know that stuff couldn't happen but I loved it!  I've seen bits and pieces of the movie but never from start to finish before.  I adore Dennis Quad always have always will!  He's a handsome looking man for a man his age.  He's a good actor and I loved him in “Undercover Blues” his smile and sexy abs 😉 woohoo

Rented “Perfect Strangers” (tv series not, that movie) from netflix because Tony wanted it but I liked the series too but I don't remember a lot of it.  I was so thrilled because I hadn't seen it so long and I love watching old shows again.  That's why I love VOD through comcast because I see old shows on it ^_^ I mean how cool is that?  I love cousin Larry and Belkie (sp) but I remember the ones with Jennifer from the apartment near them, not the first season.

Ended up finishing Linda's letter last night before bed which went out today.  I need to write a bunch of letters now since I got 4 in the mail today (why is that always happening?) so I've already started Christi's letter which I will have for tomorrow's mail.  In the mail, I got my gc today, not sure if I'll hold on to it till someone's birthday/christmas comes and give it to someone or I'll give it to Tony for him to use.  I don't kow yet, I might even end up buying a used book for a good price one that I've been dieing to buy but I really don't NEED any more books considering they're already getting out of hand.  I don't know what I'll do with it, I'll figure it out ^_^

Been using the FURminator which is great, I got 3 times the amount that I did the last time that I did it the other day today.  I can't brush her every day because she gets very picky and mean when I try to do it to her (she bites & hisses) twice a week and I'm very impressed with how much I can get off of her too!!  ^_^ The brush has already paid for itself!!! 

Worked on a few more graphics for

 that I'll put up in the near future.  I wanted to fill requests for the current freebie but I am want to wait till everyone's requested them before I go and close it on them.  It's a 4th of July one but I put up pixel to blinkie for people whom aren't from the USA to make up for it.  I mean it's only fair after all, not everyone on LJ is from the USA.  I got a compliment about the pixels that I used (got them from tubes through the years) as well as what I did with them.  I love doing things that others like and getting compliments on my work is nice.  I'm now addicted to making graphics like that now *laughs*

My mom called earlier and I didn't pick up (bad Jennifer I know but my mom tends to think this are emeergency when they're not *rolls eyes*) and when I checked the message it said “this message is marked emergency” then I heard the message and I rolled my eyes.  Just as I thought, my mom thinks that Lou Merloni (a former player of the red sox) is something to call to say it's an emergency.  I used to have a huge crush on him, I had a thing for baseball players back then(ONLY red sox ones, I'm no yank fan “real women marry sox fans” red sox fan through and through).  While I still like how he plays, I don't see the point of watched the pregame show just to see him talk about the show.  If my parents couldn't tell I'm married now and no longer want to marry Lou.  Oh well, they're just trying to be helpful.

Well our shows' on in an hour so I want to finish Christi's letter before then.  I'll let you guys go now.  I did comment/read my flist but I didn't comment on everything but somethings well I didn't want to write “wow that's cool” and other things there was just a lot of info and got lost in what I should comment on.  My ADD & comprehension is kicking in hard core today and I can't seem to concintrate on one for too long.  I apologize if you wanted comments on ALL your entries.  I'll try to do better next time but I can't control when my brain acts like this.  

Well I'd better go now, like I said I gotta take care of the letter.  Watched Friends earlier & whenever I do so I always think of

 a fellow Friends fan.  Hope you're doing well today.  

Take care all & good night!

by me


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