Project 365: Day 107

Published June 1, 2008 by sadistickitten


Started my new book “Candy Cane Murder” (the book that I'm borrowing from my mom) last night which is actually pretty good so far.  I need to read that first so I stopped reading “Labyrinth” (the one by kate mosse, not one based on the movie) and I'll continue when I'm finished this one.  So far, it's good.  I love mysteries!!!  I used to read nancy drew non-stop growing up and babysitters club.  I LOVE those books, I still miss reading nancy drew part of me will always wish to be Nancy.

My allergies have really been bothering me today but I didn't take anything for them because I've been having problems with nose bleeds due to the air being so dry.  Which is funny I know because it's so warm (yet it's still so dry out, figure that one out) out but having to take the allergy meds cause my nose to dry out so it doesn't exactly help me there.  I'm trying to take them only when I am really bad & today it's not too bad so I'll wait to take till tomorrow.

Started using Herbal Essences shamp/conditioner for my hair since I wanted something different from brilliant brunette because I want to dye my hair black and John Freda doesn't have one for black colored hair.  Plus, I get bored using the same shamp/cond time after time after time.  I LOVE how it smells and the feel of my hair oh so nice too ^_^ Tony even likes the smell as well.

Worked on some graphics for

 that I will have for next time.  I got a few requests from people on my current 4th of July which is always cool but I want more people to request before I go and fill the ones that I have right now.  I'm also thinking of adding new people to my list of members so if any of you want people to join there that you trust please leave their usernames below and I'll add them to the community.  They MUST be friends of yours though.  

Watched “In Her Shoes” the movie and I was impressed with it!!!  They did a good job of making it into a book, most of the time when they do that they murder the book but this they didn't.  Very cool!  Worked on Heidi's letter while watching the show and ended up finishing it YAY now I've got Linda's that I'm currently working on writing at the moment.  I hope to finish that after I get off here.  

Sorry I haven't been reading/commenting on entries but with the stupid drama with my dad *rolls eyes* I just haven't felt like it or been in the mood to read.  The new book that I'm currently reading, well I've only read a few pages which isn't usually me I just need to get through a few letters and I'll read/comment on posts.  I do however skim my Flist every day to see who's written a new entry and who hasn't.  I wish that LJ was like myspace, they'd inform you when x person has update their journal.  Wouldn't that be cool?!  Of course it could be a lot for your inbox but my gmail puts them all together ^_^ so it's less stressful that way.

Well I really need to finish her letter up so I'm going to let you go and it's getting hotter here so being behind my computer for too long is really a pain in the ass and hot as hell. 

Take care all, I hope that everyone had a good weekend.  Mine could've been better but it could've been a lot worse too.

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