Published May 31, 2008 by sadistickitten

Ok so I just got off the phone with my dad, he started mentioning how they went over my sister's house for mother's day *rolls eyes* (ok it was the DAY before but whatever) and he started going on about BBQ (told him that I hate BBQ what's wrong with that? It tastes blah if you ask me but that MY opinion. Not saying he can't have his own beliefs). Then he started to mention something about your sister this or that which is when I went into my “vegetable state” or what I like to call “dream time.”

I believe I even heard him say something about my sister and the whole “situation needs to be worked out” but I'm not sure because I was hardly paying attention to him. I've learned not to listen when he talks about my sister it'll make me go crazy and start killing people so I just try to ignore them. So he might've not said that but my imagination could've thought and thought that he said it when he clearly hadn't. Plus there was a lot of static (we've got a thunderstorm/showers outside right now so it was affecting the phone lines).

While he talked about great my PERFECT fuckin' sister is. God, I swear. Every time dealing with my family I really wish that I could erase my sister's exist in my life then it'd be great. I know that sounds harsh and mean but then I wouldn't have to be compared to the evil devil bitch that is my spawn of a sister then my life would be so much better. But after all, I didn't pick my parents so I guess I just have to suffer.

Made me laugh when my dad “you know your sister has to watch what they do because of Jason's “the only one working” *rolls eyes* coming from the man who works THREE fuckin' jobs. Jesus! Does my fuckin' sister think she's special because she 1) had a kid 2) doesn't work 3) Jason's the only one working? Gesh, you just described a lot of my friends/penpals. In this world right now, what person isn't tight with money!? It's not the best time in the world right now for anyone. No matter whom you are. Everyone needs to “tighten the purse straps.”

I just hate talking to my dad/mom, it's emotionally draining to me. I feel like crying but clearly my sister isn't worth my tears nor me feeling sorry for myself so instead I'll focus on putting up a new freebie for instead and working on my letter to Heidi.

Anyhoo, I needed to get that out. It's my way of venting about it.


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