Project 365: Day 106

Published May 31, 2008 by sadistickitten


Finished “In Her Shoes” and was really good, very pleased with how it ended.  The only thing that I didn't think was really realistic was the sisters being able to just be friends again after what they went through.  Yes I know, it's a book and at least the other sister did feel sorry for what she did.  Not like my own so I really shouldn't compare that to me.  But you know what really sux?  I've never had the sister that felt like my friend.  The sister that would do anything for me, that was never my sister hell she's 5 years older than I am. 

Anyhoo, I kind of started reading “Labyrinth” by Kate Mosse I was curious about the book and I had it next to my nightstand so I started reading the first pages.  I'll start the mystery book that my mom loaned me tonight since I really need to read that one first.

Made a few blinkies earlier that I'll post soon  in

 for others to request.  I made a bunch of things but I won't be posting all of them till later on.  I like to post only a few at a time and this time I put them all in the same post for once 😉 I want to come up with something cute but I haven't come up with anything at the moment but I'm working on it.

In the mail today, I recieved the Furminator that

 was talking about that I should get.  I got it pretty quickly because they shipped it from Springfield, MA so that was pretty nice.  ^_^ It works really well as you can tell from the top picture.  I could've gotten more but Princess was hissing and trying to bite me when I was doing it.  You should've heard her, she sounded like I was killing her!  I'll just have to try it tomorrow when she's more calm or something.  Getting her belly, FORGET IT that was even harder than getting your outer coat but that wasn't bad for one time with her I think at least.  Finished with Princess and vaccumed the rugs which lead me to clean the whole house with the vaccum to get the furs around the house. 

Dealt with drama earlier, I didn't want to talk about with Tony right after it happened because I needed to deal with it first.  I'm sick of getting of the phone with my parents and feeling like I'm the wrong person here.  That I'm the “black sheep” because I don't bow down to my horrible of a person sister.  And

 is right, what my dad was disrespectful by bringing up my sister and THROWING her in my face like she's so great.  I just can't stand that he wants ME to talk to her still wtf?  I try to be civil with people and I wasn't in the mood to talk about my sister so I just let it go.  I know bad decision right?  Probably.  

But at the time, I didn't feel like agrueeing about it any longer.  I will inform my parents on Father's day if they start with my sister being “god like or so much better than me attitude we will leave” I will also inform them that if they continue treating me like crap and her perfect, that they have TWO choices; either respect MY decision not to hear, talk or see her my sister or they can not.  The not part will be us NOT seeing/talking/dealing or doing anything with them again till they realize and respect me for what I believe and what is right for me.  Plus it wasn't the time nor the place to discuss such matters about my sister, it was the phone and I didn't feel like yelling at them like that.  I wanted to discuss it when I was calmer and after this week, I haven't been calm.   

I need to get off the computer because I want to write Heidi's letter and try to get that out for Monday since I'm getting behind on my letters.  

Take care all, have a good weekend.

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