Published May 29, 2008 by sadistickitten

A lot of shit has been going down lately and I really don't like it. It just seems funny that not one but BOTH of the people that Tony had backing his new site that he's working on to get funding has decided to change their minds. That they've gone and said that they can't back his site right now due x happening or what not. It's really making me worried because now an advertiser has gone and said that he was going to pay for an ad and now he's not around.

Then Tony tried to talk to him on aim and it's his daughter, she stops talking to Tony THE minute he mentions about the advertising spot that this guy wanted. Something to me is going on and really want to know wtf it is. Because these rumors that are going around, whatever they are I want them to fuckin' stop NOW! We NEED money to live, eat, etc. so if the money dries up so does us to do we. I just hope that things get better soon!

Ok, so now he's talking with Tony online aim so hopefully we can get something out him. So far, he's gotten him to pay for a spot on his page and Tony's seeing about getting things worked out about the site being linked or something I don't know, he's still talking to him. I'll let you know more another time. I gotta write up my project 365 today.


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