Project 365: Day 104

Published May 29, 2008 by sadistickitten


I just started writing up an entry and guess what?  LJ f'ed up and I lost it all!!!!!  GGRR!

Last night, I read more of my book and I hope to finish it up before the end of this month but we'll see how it goes.  I also finished Katie W's letter that went out today with the mail.  I also finished the intro letter to Alex so that'll go out tomorrow.  I'm really excited to see what happens next with the book, the only thing that bothered me at the beginning is when the sister were so close.  I like how right now they're not happy with each other.  However, I'm sure it'll end up being happy because that's how books are but that's ok, I know that these things won't get worked out like they do in books.  Plus, main problem with my situation my sister will NOT admit she did anything wrong.  

Went to S&S to get some food since our fridge was getting pretty bare in there with barely anything in it.  The trash goes out today and last night I took all the small trashes and put it into the big one so I didn't have to do it today.  Tony takes the trash out & the recycling earlier today.  He took care of the litter because it was far too heavy for me to lift up to put into the trash.  I need to go and clean the container out since it hasn't been done in awhile which is what I'll do after I finished this entry but since I was having problems already with this I want to finish this first.

Haven't entered my contests yet nor have I played my DS which I don't think that I'll end up doing today because I don't feel like it right now.  I haven't done it in the past few days either.  I just need a break from that right now since I had been doing it all the time.  After this entry, I got to clean her poopie carrier as well as enter my contests then watch the show at 9pm LOST season finale is on today.  I haven't checked my flist in a little while I apologize for that, I'll do my best to get to it soon but right now things are a bit stressful and I don't care to get into it.  Just know that everything will work out (at least I hope so).  

 I did talk to my mom today, she said that they'll call this weekend about exactly what day that they'll get together with us for father's day because I need to make reservations (they want to go out to dinner this time).  They want Willaims' I believe, we'll see how it goes if we do go there.  Not a big fan of the place right now, not after the crap we went through last time but we'll see if it's different.  I hope that my dad will say something different instead of that place and my mom doesn't have her way!  

After all, it's NOT mother's day anymore.  Still waiting for the gc for my dad, I checked the site it should be June 9th or 10th, so that's a week before father's day.  I ordered through the site to save me some $ on gas & free shipping 😉 always nice.  I'm glad that I ordered it when I did because it would've been my luck that it didn't come in on time you know? 

Well I gotta go, Princess keeps going into the kitchen and back to the living room looking for her litter filled *laughs* she'll next poop on the floor if I don't fix it right now. 

Take care all, have a good week. 

by me


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