Project 365: Day 101

Published May 26, 2008 by sadistickitten

Last night I finished 3 letters that will go out tomorrow (so proud of myself) as well as I'm past part 3 a little bit in my book, on chapter 40 something in my book.  I'm so proud of myself.  I also played more of my DS game, I'm soo addicted but it's really helping with my vocabulary so that's good right?!  

Was a good girl and decided to use my amazon gift card to get a few mp3s on instead of using it for books (which I do NOT need since I have far too many right now) and I got a bunch of them last night.  Unfortunately, I tried to access them and they didn't work 😦 notified tech support on the issue.  I heard results this morning and thankfully they reactivated them and now they work YES!  

Started Kristy's letter which what I was doing before we ate supper (I'm going to finish that so I'll have 4 letters going out after this entry) and then I'll be playing my game.  I'll read/comment on flist tomorrow since we don't have any plans then and I'll only have 1 more letter to write so then I'll be free to do things again on my computer.

Just watched “Click” which

 said that I should see A LONG time ago and she was right!  Thanks Deanna, it was a good movie.  I have it on our netflix list but we watched it through on demand, it's part of the free movies that we get.  Tony got his “stir of echoes 2” the last time when we watched a movie the other day and so I get the next one that's how it goes with us, it's called compromise.  When you've been together as long as we have, you start to figure ways out not to agruee or stupid shit (it's been 13 yrs that I've know him, 9 years since we've been together and 3 years married this October).  

Our shows' going to be on in an hour or so I need to finish up my letter to Kristy before it comes on so afterwards I'll be able to read in bed before we go to bed.  Take care all and I'm sorry that I'm not around right now but like I said, as soon as I finish her letter I'll have more free time.

Hope everyone had a good memorial day!




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