Project 365: Day 99

Published May 22, 2008 by sadistickitten

First I want to apologize for not updating

 (my penpal community, all penpals please join so you know what I've been getting thanks ^_^) like I normally do every day but ever since I got sick, it feels like all I've been doing is catching up on everything and that I will never be caught up.  Hopefully that's what I can do this weekend so wish me luck.  Remember: NO mail on Monday it's Memorial day so I'll get extra letters written during that time sweet!

Sorry I know that others say welcome to so and so to my journal, I usually forget who's new since we just fit so well together ^_^ I apologize for that, it does NOT mean that I don't appreciate everyone it's that I'm forgetful as hell!  I'll try to rememeber next time.

Anyhoo…. on to what happens….

Last night, I accidently put what I thought was a biodegradable toilet bowl cleaner head into the toilet (I know, I'm an idiot but I'll be the FIRST to admit it) so yah we had a problem with it and it got clogged.  Didn't realize it till it was 11pm at night and far too late to call the landlords to tell them as well as the plumber.  So instead, I finished up my letter to

 and read my book. I also finished a letter to chrisi marie my new penpal (forgot her LJ username) which went out with the mail today.

This morning…

Called the plumber and he made me feel like an idiot with his “this definately should haven't have put down there” duh you asswipe no shit!  It's not like I MEANT to do that on purpose you know?  I thought that they were those but like a dumbie I NEVER checked the box to read the instructions like well normal smart people.  Don't you hate it when you know that you did something wrong and someone else has to point it out to you as if you didn't already know what you did was indeed really stupid?!  That's how I felt.  I mean I kept apologizing to Tony saying how sorry that I was and I couldn't fall asleep for awhile because I felt quilty.  He said it was ok and we all make mistakes.  He did treat me like I'm an idiot when the guy was there.  

He's like “did you put anything else down the toilet” (Tony said that to me) and I was like no.  I mean come on, why further make me feel like a moron/shit?  I accidently put ONE thing in the toilet NOT a bunch of other things!  Gggrr  It was actually something that Tony uses and the plumber was like “we get calls about these all the time” *rolls eyes* sure you do buddy, that's why they sell them at the store.  We've used these things for YEARS and have never had a problem with them.  The guys' just an asshole.  He made me think of the mask the guy with “the loaner.”  


Went for our hair cuts, Tony had to reschedule them due to the bathroom issue to later on in the afternoon.  Read my book while I waited and now I'm on chapter 31 can you say YAY? Yes, you can say it ! Say it with me “YAY.”  Got my hair cut (an inch taken off split ends) taken off and I thought the barber was going to have a coronery.  He didn't know what to do.  *laughs* It was rather cute actually ^_^ He had me stand so hopefully it's all straight because after standing for awhile I was just focusing on not falling forward or moving too much to the front or back.  It was only $20 bucks for the both of us, nice huh?  Oh and I used my new makeup (think I'll just throw out the old one because there's barely anything in it) the Ivory color and WOW does it make my face look natural, feels like I'm not wearing makeup as well as I look hot!  ^_^ I LOVE that I made this choice, very good decision.

Started my letter to 

which I'm still working on right now but I took a break to write up my project thing as well as take a needed break.  I watched the end of season 1 of “Party Of Five” (getting them through netflix) it was only 2 episodes on it and most of these I don't remember maybe because I didn't watch most of the shows.  I don't know or rememeber why but I didn't.  

Well I really want to finish the letter so I can get started on the rest of my letters.  Gesh ONE day being sick and 2 days to get over being sick causes lot of issues with mail!  Oh and I'll read/comment on entries later, I need to get more letters done instead.  Tomorrow we were going to head to a friends' house for a party but it's now changed so 2 hours away fuck that, we're going to Target to pick up a few things that I need. I'd go to walmart but I want stuff that's nicer than what walmart has without paying mall prices.  

Have a good memorial day weekend and remember NO mail on Monday!  

Take care & have a good weekend all.


by me (FAVORITE one that I've made): makes me think of Meredith every time I see it


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