Project 365: Day 98

Published May 21, 2008 by sadistickitten

Well it's been something these past few days!!!  I'll break it down for you that way it'll be less confusing ok? Cool!


I was very sick so sick that I couldn't get out of bed for most of the day in fact.  I ended up getting sick a few times as well as on Monday.  It was NOT pleasant at all.  I was still kind of sick feeling yesterday that's why I wasn't around that much because I still felt sick a bit.  Burps still don't feel that great right now but at least I don't feel like throwing up anymore.  I started feeling better and wrote a letter to Katie (forgot whom was next) and then started a letter Anette which I'm still currently writing right now.


Started feeling much & basically spent the day relaxing and getting over being sick.  Ended up playing Sims, reading, writing letters, finally checking my email, watching “Hell's Kitchen” finding new pals since I lost a few for various reasons.  I don't care to get into the reasons why it's just so annoying so let's just say “creative differences.”  

Tony wasn't feeling so good so we took it easy.  I got the laundry done since he did the whites on Monday for me while I was sick (thanks sweetie) and I wrote more to Anette.  I didn't read that much of my book but I am on chapter 27 or something like that so I'm impressed that I'm getting through it so fast.  


“Made pizza” in the morning (*wink wink nudge nudge*) since I was feeling horny in the morning (you will never see me write randy because that's my asshole ex boyfriend ok I just wrote to say how much I HATE that word being used.  Pet peeve of mine) and wanting some loving.  😉 

Took our showers, eat some lunch, watched “Memoirs of a Geisha” (I still want to read the book & the movie was rather good) and later on went to do the grocery shopping.  I used my HK grocery bag which only filled a few of them but still it's one less bag right?!  I got my needed stuff and my makeup which I hope will look good.  At least it won't be as dark as the one that I'm using right now.  I just have a little bit left in my bottle then I can open the new one.  Got the new toilet bowl cleaner where you have it go in the toilet after you're done which I LOVE I must say!!  

Oh I saw the picture above in a magazine and I TOTALLY agree with it!!! I LOVE that saying I'm going to keep that for a long time too.  After having anorexia I think that's wonderful advice.  I do that with things and I've lost weight.  Plus I don't desserts all the time, I eat them when I want to which is not all the time.  Tonight I had frosting covered brownies because they looked so good and MAN did it taste good!  Well that's just my feelings.  I really need to try to get Anette's letter out tomorrow so I'm going to let you guys go now.

Take care all.  Have a good week.  By the way: I'll do my best to read/comment on flist this week.  I read it the other day however.



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