Published May 20, 2008 by sadistickitten

Ok, I need to buy new foundation because I'm almost out of mine. What I need to ask is this, for all those out there that KNOW cosmetics help me!

I have VERY fair skin (we're talking transparent: what my friends used to call me in school) and if I get a true blend product it shows just how fair my skin really is. If I get a foundation that's for a darker skin color, I look very funny looking and far too dark than the rest of my body i.e. I stand out too much.

So what do you suggest, I noticed that at they've got these products on sale:

~Revlon (the one that I'm using now) buy one get one 50% off
~covergirl buy one get one free
~Almay buy one get one 50% off
~Maybelline buy one get one 50% off

Does anyone have any ideas? Or advice on what I should or shouldn't buy? I don't like spending too much on makeup. Call me cheap if you want to. Thanks for all the advice.


After MUCH review, I've looked and looked at sites ok mainly and I decided that since I've got combination skin and that I need a foundation that will stay on ALL day (I get pretty sweaty, I'm a sweaty girl what can I say?) that I've decided to get Revlon ColorStay® Makeup with SoftFlex® for Combination/Oily Skin I use the ColorStay® Makeup with SoftFlex® for Normal/Dry Skin right now but that's far too dark so I'm going to try out the combination one instead. I did their test on and they said to get Ivory so that's what I'm going for. I do love Cover Girl products but theirs NEVER stay on my face & I look like a droppy mess!

Ok edit again:

I'm actually going to go to S&S because I can get $2 off my Revlon so I'm going there compared to CVS which I get buy one get one half off. I don't NEED to buy another thing so it's a waste to get the half off one. This works better! I only need foundation! YES! I love finding deals online 😉


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