Project 365: Day 97

Published May 18, 2008 by sadistickitten

Ended up playing Sims before bed then when I was told that the hubby would be going to bed in a while I went and read in bed for quiet some time (he was busy playing his game and lost track of time) and no biggie because I'm now in the middle of the book!  It feels good I must tell you.  I haven't been reading Phil Gordon's book because I have been reading this one instead. I will finish that one after this book, right now it's too much math for me.

Woke up really early this morning around 7:30am but didn't get out of bed for awhile and went back to sleep because we went to bed at like 1am or something like that last night.  Plus, I knew that we would be seeing Tony's buddies today to watch poker on tv as well as get together with Diagle since he's been away.  

Diagle has been busy with work since he now works in NC *laughs* doesn't everyone?!  But he will be moving up here soon and it'll be only an hour away from us so that won't be too bad and he'll have weekends off so we'll be seeing more of him soon.  He used to be in the air force (woohoo love military men, ok men in uniform *wink*) and was going to stay in longer but after him going to Iraq he was like nope sorry won't do it.  Wise decision.  He also said if he knew about the war & all he never would've went in the air force in the first place but oh well how was he to know?  


Ordered some papa ginos pizza (of course 😉 where else?) extra large pizzas and we had a good time watching poker, talking about various hands and what not.  Poker was actually on for a longer time than we thought it would be till like 2 or something like that.  Ended up getting a bit bored of just watched poker so we played poker while watching it.  Don't ask me the hands because I wasn't really paying much attention to the tv trying to play poker for $.  I of course went out but I played some good solid hands and every time they actually thought that I had something *laughs* ha ha yah right!  I changed it up and went all in with nothing, gotta love poker man gotta love it. 

After the poker match was over, we played again another round of poker for fun this time without money.  Watching the red sox game in the background which was rather good and I hadn't seen a game this whole season because I try not to watch tv while writing or I can't write letters and focus too much on the game not my letters.  I get very easily distracted!  Then after the baseball game was over, they wanted to watch the boston celtics game which was going on in or about the middle innning.  Ordered up some chinese food for supper because I was craving it (very rarely do I crave that) and Tony bought some waters since Dialge was drinking us out of it.  They left about an hour or so ago that's where Tony and I picked up the house, and he took a short nap while I wrote my letter to Kayla.  Just finished it and now it's going out tomorrow.  I need to fill requests for

 so I think that I'll do that then read my book after that.  Take care all.  Hope everyone had a good weekend.




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