Project 365: Day 96

Published May 17, 2008 by sadistickitten

Tony's tournament was earlier today in Salem, NH he left in the AM while I watched some movies 3 of them on demand (LOVE that gotta say that) and wrote my letter to Megan which went out already with the mail.  I also started Kayla's letter but didn't get too far on it because I was distracted by the tv *laughs* I really gotta learn NOT to watch anything other than music channels when writing letters.  I really needed the rest because once again, my period's kicking my ass.  😦 blah!

Tony came back with supper and now I'm here writing to you.  I need to fill requests in

 since I'm SO behind on that but I have a headache so I can't concintrate on them, so intstead I'm going to play some games, read my book and go to bed.    I read/commented on my flist earlier, if I missed yours or didn't comment it's just because I didn't have anything to say.  My heads hurts too much (did before when I was reading my flist too.  I hope my period gets better soon, meh I don't even care.
Take care all.  Hope you're having a good weekend!




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