Project 365: Day 95

Published May 16, 2008 by sadistickitten

Last night, watched LOST on the tv which I must say was awesome ^_^ woohoo better than watching it on a computer chair (not that ours suck because executive chairs are nice) nice to snuggle with Tony while watching tv on the couch.  After that, read some of my book and wrote to Megan then watched “Jimmy Kimbel” with Josh Holloway (from LOST sawyer) and “Conan O'brien” it'd be awhile since we watched Conan, I missed it!!  He's my favorite thing to watch if I'm ever up late at night.  Read more of my book again (like every night) and now I'm on chapter 17!!  I've decided that I won't be buying books till I'm down to like 10 books left to read and man that'll take some time so please don't ruin anything telling me about what happened in books that you're reading or about movies based on books (especially if I haven't read them yet).  Thanks!

Woke up late today due staying up till 2am last night.  We did have plans to go to the movies today at 1pm but we decided to scratch that because we were both tired and my period's kicking my ass (good thing I didn't because let's just say it would've been embarrassing leaving the theatre that's all I'm saying) which is making me so very tired and drained right now.  Maybe I'm not getting enough food or nutrients in my diet, I don't know I'll have to make sure to eat some fruit tomorrow.  I'm trying to eat breakfast every day so it'll help me lose weight which is working, as long as I keep on top of it.

Got take out for lunch, chicken fingers & fries (haven't had that in sooo long) and took a nap later on because my period is kicking my ass right now.  I played some of my sims, Tony got the mi mail early which was weird.  I think because of the rain they wanted to get it out early.  The kids were out of school early today because when we went for our walk there was tons of kids walking the streets at 11am.  Must've had a half day today or something.

Tonight BSG is on at 10pm, tomorrow Tony's got his poker game in Salem, NH and I'll be enjoying some needed “me time” YAY.  And then on Sunday, Dialge's back (Tony's friend & mine too) he's working in get NC!  Funny that everyone's there that I either went to HS with or used to know back in the day.  Weird if you ask me.  Anyhoo, they'll be coming over to watch “NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship” that we watch every Sunday at noontime.  Which means I got to get up early so I can “put my face on” and wear something nice.  Not that they care, they'd love it if I wore nothing at all ^_^ I like his friends (most of them that is) because they always want to see me naked or my boobs!  A self esteem boost especially since Jennifer's looking fine lately with her weight loss 😉 No I'm NOT egotistic.  People take my confidence for egotisticness (new word I know) which really drives me nuts.  Sorry my pet peeve.

It's currently raining out and will be till next week on Tuesday or Wednesday I believe.  It's funny how parts of the world need such rain but aren't getting it yet we're getting too much.  I don't understand it at all.  I don't mind it when it rains a little bit but when it rains so much that it drives you insanely tired and makes you sleepy for days on end with rain that I don't like.  Too sad!  

Oh and someone contaced me that I haven't heard from in awhile I haven't decided yet what I'll do. 

Well I REALLY need to write to Megan so it'll go out tomorrow and while Tony's gone I'm going to fill requests for 

since I'm behind on that.  I'll also come up with some cute things to post after I've filled requests.  Take care all.  Have a good weekend.  Icky I hate being a woman I gotta go.




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