Project 365: Day 94

Published May 15, 2008 by sadistickitten


Last night, went offline and watched some “Party of Five” on demand (they updated it YAY) since my hand was killing me (keep cletching it at night not sure why hopefully that stops soon) and couldn't write letters nor could I fill requests for 

but before we watch LOST tonight, I shall do just that.  I ended up coloring after taking a break from writing or typing (sorry I felt I needed something else to do) I was loads of fun.  Tony “caught” me and said “You make me think of a 5 year old coloring, you're so cute” hee hee ^_^

Read more of my book and now I'm on chapter 12 I believe wooohoo I'm zipping through it, it's wonderful it really is!!!  I love to get into bed before we go to bed and read for awhile while Tony gets ready for bed and winds down playing his games.  It's really helps me get me to get some downtime and relax.  It's my favorite part of the day!

Woke up this morning & convienced Tony to start cleaning out storage right away.  We decided yesterday to do that since the trash goes out today so it would be perfect timing.  Didn't take as long as I had thought that it would.  We filled up the backseat as well as the trunk with stuff to bring to salvies.   I even got rid of some HK items can you believe it?! I didn't really NEED the stuff anyways so why keep it right?!  It was nice because I also got rid of some shoes too that were old but still usable by others.  I had already gotten rid of clothes before so this time it was personal items (bags, purse, etc).  I even got rid of things that I thought that I'd never part with.  I found the dolphin that pauline & john had given to me 3 christmas' ago (since they don't celebrate with us anymore).  I decided since I found it online and how it's really expensive (on ebay they're selling them for 60 bucks) that I'll just hold on to it till we move to NC.  I might sell it if we're really strapped for cash.  I'd like to keep it and display it in a room where either Princess can't get to or put in a place where she can't reach (anyone know some smell that a cat doesn't like?  I've tried to put pickle juice down but she still jumps up).  I don't know, I'll figure it out then.

After that, we brought the stuff to salvies to get rid of it.  When we got home we ate lunch and later on, I worked on organizing the bookcase because Tony wanted to put his poker books all together since he has far less than I do.  He wanted to buy a bookcase at walmart JUST for his stuff but I personally thought that was stupid and a waste of money since after all he doesn't have lot of them.  I sat down and organized my books (so I could find more stuff to bring to salvies, Tony found more as well) in order of big to little now it looks FAR better and less embarrassing to look at.  I promised Tony that I wouldn't buy any books since I've already got plenty of those as well as other stuff.  I haven't felt like buying anything (trying to save my money to pay off cc) in a long time and it's great to save some $.  

I also went through my earrings (meant to go through them after christmas but of course I was too emotional then I couldn't even look at mine), and the rest of my jewelry seeing which ones that I still wanted and which ones that I couldn't or didn't need anymore.  I threw them out since most of them were used pretty badly.  And lastly, I went throug my free sample/sweepstakes wins to see which ones that I could throw out and which ones that I should keep.  I ended up purging a lot of stuff and MAN do I feel freer.  WooHoo!  Even Tony likes the way that the bookcase looks now, YAY score one for me.  Cleaned under the bathroom sink, threw things out that were old, also organized and cleaned the shelf above the toilet YAY it's got MUCH more room and the extra stuff is up there now instead of being crowded below.  I feel SO cleaned and fresh now!  I LOVE it!

Tony cooked steak for dinner because I was craving it thanks to

 post about going to the steak resturant (I would soo never be a vegan, meat is my life) I was craving some good steak and man it was really good too!!!  I can't cook steak, I've tried to cook beef for the beef stew that I've made and it didn't turn out too well so when I need that cooked, I just ask him to do it since he's the master.

Well I got to go now.  I've got requests to fill and a letter to write before our show at 10pm and maybe even “make some pizza.”

Dolphin that I got from Pauline & John:



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