Project 365: Day 93

Published May 14, 2008 by sadistickitten

Last night, watched “Hell's Kitchen” and as always Tony and I laughed our heads off!  Ramsey is funny and even better one of the guys went over to the girls' team *laughs* it was actually good for him even if I'm not a big fan of him.  Still made me love it even more and next time it's supposed to be even better!  Can't wait!!!!

My period is up and running but at least this time it's doing much better than it had been so that's good right?  I just keep waking up in the middle of the night due to cramps but then I go back to bed later on.  The only thing is that my period is taking a lot out of me where I feel so very tired this time of the night.  I just took a shower but still I feel very tired and sleeping.  That could be the warmer weather that we had today (it was extremely but warmer than it had been due to all the cold weather we had been getting) or it's just my allergies again 😦 blah combines with my period it really sux.  I'm trying to stay away from using my nasal spray because I have sinus issues right now and pressure.  But when I used it last, I caused my nose to bleed so I'm trying to take it easy on that stuff.  It wasn't minor bleeding, we're talking HEAVY bleeding.

I'm now on chapter 11 in my book isn't that cool!? You know what's funny to me, tonight on FX they've got “In Her Shoes”  on and I'm like figures just because I haven't read my book yet it's on now?!  They can't wait a few weeks when I'll be done?!  No matter, netflix will let me rent it later on.  I'm rather addicted to the novel, I keep reading it instead of writing letters (sorry guys), reading flist, etc. because I want to know what happens.  Just like a movie.  God, I'm such a book whore I know.

Speaking of books, I'm still waiting for my gc from B&N from using my points on another site.  It said 8 to 10 weeks and that was in April so I've got til either May 22nd or June 15th depending on if they send it to the right place & no one else opens it.  What pissed me off is that I ordered something else off another site and I wrote 28 for my mail adress (as if most of you don't know my address already) and they sent it to 24 and guess who never got it?  I contacted the company and they said “it was already recieved and had the correct address” when I showed them that it said 28 on the forum that I filled out (they emailed it back to me to VERIFY) they said sorry but the prize was already awarded & used by the person that we sent it to. ggrr so someone at 24 STOLE my prize when it did NOT say their name on the envelope.  Who does that?  If I recieve soemone else's mail, I make sure to put it back in the post office box and have that person get it this time NOT steal someone else's mail.  That's against the law asshole!  Sorry that just ruffles my feather so to speak.

Note To All Penpals: 
Check out

 for important info on mailing address issue, thanks.

Went to the grocery stoe because we needed milk and water but decided to get a few things else that we needed too.  I forgot to use my HK grocery bag that I got but I did use it yesterday at walmart and saved on at least one day.  I noticed that at the store today at S&S they've got a sign saying 5 cents off if you use a reusable bag every bag that you save (from using the plastic ones) next time hopefuly I'll remember to use the HK ones that I got.  I totally forgot that it was in there because I'm not used to my big new purse.  I love it being so big because now I can bring my camera, and a book with me to read if I need it ^_^ YAY.  I'm such a dork that I have to have my book with me pretty much all the time.  The pic above is of us driving by a bank on our way back from S&S (not our bank btw).  

Tomorrow we've got to clean storage out since it's been at least a year if not a big longer since we've last done so.  That means we'll pretty much be in there for a long time.  Might be at least 3 to 5 hours since we'll also have to decide which is going to the library (have far too many books to keep them all) and which stuff is going to salvies then the rest what we'll be keeping.  I might just donate the books to salvies instead of the library because sometimes libraries don't like to take books at certain times of the year. I don't know, I'll have to call ahead of time.  We'll have loads to donate when we're done plus I think that I'll be getting rid of some others stuff too.  Plus I'll have to go through my shoes.  I have summer ones to take out and others to put away.  What'll be sad is when I gotta get rid of my loafers I LOVE those things but they're getting pretty old and worn out.  

Well I think I'm going to start Megan K's letter since I need to get hers out and we'll be busy most of the day tomorrow doing the storage area.  Take care all & hope that everyone has a good week! Also have to fill requests in 

and only ONE person got them all right for my question that I asked and I'm sure she knows whom she is 😉 She really does pay attention! Good for you!  *hugs her*

EDIT: I'd fill requests at 

 but for some reason, my right hand (the one that I write/use the mouse with) is bother me so I need to rest it or I'll never write letters or get stuff done tomorrow.  I'm off to read instead.  Night all!

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