Project 365: Day 92

Published May 13, 2008 by sadistickitten

Last night watched the “WPT” (world poker tour) and it was ladies night meaning it was benefiting breast cancer.  After it was done, I read my book and relaxed.  It was nice because now I'm on chapter 9 I think.  I'm really getting into this one, whenever I find myself bored or not wanting to be on the computer I just pick up my book and start reading.  I LOVE spring time because it's great book reading weather.  Can't wait till it's nicer out aka not so rainy so I can read outside on the landlords deck with the beautiful deck set that they bought last year.  I LOVE it, it feels like I'm in a genie lamp!

Watched last night's episode of “How I Met Your Mother” I love that show (even if the critics say it's soo not funny wtf do they know)!!!  I used to have this huge crush on Neil Patrick Harris when he was on Doogie Howser. ^_^ We rented a few of those discs awhile back, I gotta rent them again after I'm done Party Of Five I LOVE that show too.  Oh and I found out that Netflix has “Earth 2” which I'm sure not many people even remember but I loved it when it was on.  They've got most of the episodes that you can watch instantly which is nice.


Went to Walmart to pick up some things that Tony didn't get at the store the other day (when I didn't go with him because I getting some needed rest after doing all that stuff the other day) and I realized that I needed a new purse.  Why do I say that?!  Well the one that I have is falling apart on the sides due to the leather wearing.  I really love this purse so I need to switch it to a more reliable purse right now.  One that doesn't fall apart.  I need to get rid of a bunch of my purses that I have because they're just either too small (now with me having glasses, hard to hold on to all my crap with a smaller purse–my purse is my lifeline) or they're just old.

So I looked at the disney purses (my mom had an Eeyore one that I ssooo wanted to get but not the same or I'll just look lame) and guess what I found?!  Nope, not what you're thinking. I found My Melody purse.  I would've gotten it but it was a handbag and what I need is a purse.  Yes I freak out if I use one of those all the time because I like to have a purse under arm at all times so I feel paranoid.  Tony said that he likes the Mickey one (get this, he's not a big fan of mickey either figure that one out) so I picked it up.  Also got a few other things that I needed as well.  I know that some of you might go, “that's an ugly purse but I don't care I LOVE my new purse.  To me it's cute & frankly, isn't that all that matters?”

Feels weird not to have LOST to watch anymore on the computer but yes it'll be nice to sit down and watch it on the tv every week.  Found out that Scrubs is moving to a new network next season to ABC so most of our shows will be on one network but HIMYM.  Does anyone else watch Samantha who?  I got into one day and now I watch it online since our show conflicts with the time so I just watch it on my computer.  

I know that I need to:
~read/comment on flist
~fill requests for

~write letters to: Megan K & Meg (writing hers right now actually should be done tonight)
~read my book

So I'm going to let everyone go now so I can finish her letter and have it out for tomorrow.  Take care all & good night.  Oh and thanks to everyone who's been commenting/reading my entries while I've been slacking on reading yours.  After hurting myself with all that cleaning & being behind my computer plus sitting down a lot, I need some time to do the opposite now that I'm doing better.  My period is here but it's not that bad at all so I'm glad about that one but I'm still feeling tired.  Hopefully Tony's nose strips will help to stop snoring tonight, wish me luck.

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