Project 365: Day 91

Published May 12, 2008 by sadistickitten

Last night after I got offline, Tony & I watched some LOST which was the 2nd to last one that they had online.  Read more of my book “In Her Shoes” which is getting good, glad that I chose that as my next book to read.  I know, I should've read the other books by Jennifer Weiner first but I know there's a movie based on this book so I wanted to read it first for once (seems like I always see the movies before reading the book).  

My parents last night brought up my sister how they'd seen her yesterday (which actually pissed me off because we made plans with my parents FIRST and they said that Saturday would be out of them wtf?  I'm sorry but that's just fuckin' rude if you ask me) but at least they didn't bring up how I should talk to her and stuff more.  They totally avoided that so I'm very glad of that at least.  

Today, watched the last episode of LOST that was posted online and now we're all caught up so we can see it when it comes on this Thursday YAY.  I'm so psyched, we did the same thing with Heroes as well.  I love the fact that you can watch full episodes online, I know huge dork huh that I get excited over this stuff?!  

My period started today 😦 grrr it's very slowly here but still it's not very pleasant.  I skipped doing the laundry because I wasn't feeling so good (feels better to sit down and relax) and didn't get out to Walmart to pick up Tony's nose strips (without them he snores soo freakin' loud) but we got to do that tomorrow or I'll never get any sleep then wake him up in the middle of the night.

Got a few letters in the mail today, I finished Lisa/

 letter so that's going out tomorrow with the rest of the mail. The wind was soo breezy today that I might have to mail them in the post office instead of our mailbox because I don't want them getting lost.  I also got my HELLO KITTY ECO Style Grocery Bag – Pocketable that I bought off ebay to help carry the groceries instead of wasting plastic bags (I'm actually a huge recycler I started it at my house and Tony, not so much).  I LOVE it, can't wait to use it.  I'll be bringing it with me everywhere we got too.

Well I got to go now, our shows' about to come on.  I'm so tired, hopefully tonight I'll catch up on my sleep again.  Take care all & I'll comment/read posts soon.



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