wtf? HIGHLY filtered entry

Published May 11, 2008 by sadistickitten

I'm totally blow out of the water here! I came on to check my email and stuff, then I get a message from LJ saying someone had deleted me from their flist. Then when I find out whom it is AND that they've BANNED me I'm thinking wtf? I don't understand what I did to her, I truly don't. I NEVER said anything bad about her but she's decided to ban me without even an explanation wtf? Makes me not want to deal with people anymore. Seriously, am I THAT bad of a person that they don't care to have me on their list that they have to BAN me? Once again, it was someone that I totally thought that was cool. I don't understand it either! The last thing that I said to her was “Hope you have a good Sunday, nothing's new” on myspace (earlier today) then she goes ahead & bans me, deletes ALL my comments that I ever made on myspace, then bans me here too? huh? Sorry but I'm missing something here. I sent her a message on myspace but I haven't gotten a reply yet, she's probably banned me so I'll never know. At least I TRIED to find out what's going on.

EDIT: I think I know why I got banned, in a letter that I wrote to her I said that I don't believe in God but that doesn't mean that someone should ban me from that?! I mean how closed minded do you have to be? I don't discriminate against others that believe in god, I just don't. It's a personal decision, I mean that goes for me not wanting kids. I don't want them but I still have pals that have them. Gesh, I can't stand people who are hyprocrites. I've had mainly bad experiences with fanatic catholics before and those are the ones that typically don't like me why? Because I am “the devil” in their eyes. Please, as if. *rolls eyes* In my experience as well, I've noticed that others that so fanatics typically are the ones that are the bad people. That's just MY experience that's all I'm saying. Which I'm sure, after I post this entry I'll be banned from people's journals. Not only that, BUT she's deleted EVERY comment that I've ever made on myspace (and trust me, that's a lot). How psycho do you have to be to delete EVERY comment that someone's made on EVERY post, every entry, everything?! GESH!

I'm not a religious person, never have been nor will I. I don't mind being friends with people that are catholics and such just as long as they don't push their beliefs on me. It's cool if you want to believe in whatever you do, just don't drag me into your side. I have had bad experience with fanatics before too. People that are so ultra religious that ALL they can do is try to convert you to their religion as well as people talk about how “catholic” they are yet they're going out, being these horrible people but go to church once a week and THINK that will save them. I'm sorry bit how is that “living like god” now if you think that I'm just talking out of ass well you're wrong again. I'm not, I was brought up catholic I know all about god/jesus christ and the whole works. To me, my thinking is that one day a week isn't going to save you from going to hell. But that's me, I don't go out saying this stuff to others because I don't like to upset people. Religion, politics, those are some things that I don't think people should really talk about. Why? Brings up too much trouble. But I just needed to say that to get it off my chest. For all of those that listened to me, thank you very much.

Well I need to get ready for my parents, take care all.


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