Project 365: Day 90

Published May 11, 2008 by sadistickitten

Sorry about last night, I was feeling pretty tired and icky feeling plus I didn't do that much since I was too tired to do so I really didn't see the point of writing up an entry. Been pretty tired lately must be my allergies making me tired as hell 😦 blah. I'm even tired now so I'll do a list of what happened today ok? I'll comment/read on entries soon, I think I'm going to watch some tv and relax after this.

Last night:
~watched some tv
~read my book new one “Phil Gordon's Little Blue Book” while Tony watched his “hills have eyes 2”
~Tony went to S&S to get the groceries done
~clean some of the house again
~reorganized the house
~frosted the cake & added writing on it

~took my shower
~took care of princess
~warmed up the swedish meatballs
~watched heads up poker championship on NBC
~got ready for my parents to show up
~read my book “In Her Shoes” which I started last night (reading that before bed instead of Phil Gordon book since it's got a lot of math in it) & I'm on chapter 3
~saw my parents
~made ziti
~ate supper
~my nose started bleeding
~finally stopped bleeding
~used ice to stop it from bleeding in the end
~ate the cake
~gave my mom her mother's day gifts(a few books, expensive chicken book, & gc to B&N)
~talked for awhile
~gave my parents the rest of the current jelly, chili sauce, shephards pie, some cake, rest of the glass coke bottles (that took picked up for my dad) & diet coke that we got for my mom
~helped them bring the stuff to the car
~watching strong bad emails/sam & max

Well I hope that everyone had a good weekend, I am off to relax and watch some tv or an episode of LOST since we only have 2 left.



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