Project 365: Day 88

Published May 8, 2008 by sadistickitten

Last night after getting offline, I wrote letters to Kristy, Marie & Katie (sorry too tired right now to figure out the LJ usernames) and they went out today in the mail.  Tony was taking a nap because he got up earlier than I did (not really because he was snoring a hell of a lot so I was awake in the middle of the night, I just went back to sleep) he said.  Didn't matter, gave me time to have some peace & quiet so I could write letters finally.  Things have been crazy the past few days (ok week) due to my parents coming on Sunday.  When Tony finally woke up, he watched his netflix movie so it could be sent back (“the hills have eyes” not my cup of tea) so I read my book in the bedroom.  

I finished it (thanks to Tony waiting till I was done it, I had like a page & a half by the time that he came in) so I can let my mom read it now.  YAY I think I'm going to read “Phil Gordon's Little Blue Book” because I love Phil Gordon as a pro poker player. And I need something different to read.  I'm proud of myself (sure others can say “well I read faster than you so I would've been done it in 2 days & that's good for you but I don't read that fast I can't help it) because I've been reading books a LOT faster now.  WOoohoo I've been getting through them in a few weeks instead of taking me a couple of weeks.  Of course, the last book was rather short so yah it was easier to finish it.  

Had pizza & chicken, (which took the place OVER an hour to get here wtf) for lunch while watching LOST only 5 episodes left can you believe it?!  I sure can't!!!!  I know, you're such a dork Jenn & yes I am.  I should've done the laundry today but I just didn't feel like it, it's not really bad but tomorrow I'll do it just to get it out of the way before the weekend.  

Later on I did my list:

1) made mom a mother's day card
2) made grandma a mother's day card (first year I've done that)
3) high dusted 
4) disinfected
5) clean the toilet
6) clean the shower/tub
7) clean bathroom sink/mirrors
8) clean floor (get on hands and knees)
9) clean floors
10) vaccumm both rugs (and fur/hair left over from swiffering the floor)
11) clean the counters (several times) 
12) clean toaster/microwave
13) clean oven
14) do dishes (need to do them again & I've already done it a TON already)
15) make scrambled hamburger
16) make mashed potatoes
17) make meatballs
18) make swedish meatball sauce
19) bake cake
20) get mom's gifts out of storage

And I still have to do this list:

1) cut princess' claws (I'll do that soon, just waiting for her to be relaxed more)
2) wrap mom's gifts
3) fill requests
4) decorate cake (it's currently cooling at the moment)
5) take shower (I stink from all that I did, but since I JUST dyed my hair I don't want to ruin it by washing it 2 days in a row–plus I can't do that it dries out my head) 
6) do laundry
7) relax

Tony had to get me bread (because my recipe calls for it & we forgot to get it at the grocery store OPS) before he left for his poker event tonight & he probably won't be back till some time in the AM so I've got a lot of time on my hands right now.  Tony's been great to day today helping me out when I've needed it to do things for me since I'm sweating up a storm when he saw me.  It'll be nice to semi relax tomorrow because I still have to do the laundry.  The rest of tonight I'll be working on filling requests for

 since I need to get those done and new ones up soon.  Well I really got to get those dishes done and then I'll fill requests, of course after that I'll take a shower because I need to get that done tonight too. Take care all & I'm sorry that I haven't been around much lately but I've been busy as you can tell.  I still need to get a few other things done too before this weekend but I need to do them on Sunday morning in case the cat gets her fur on things again.  

If I don't hear from you guys before this weekend or I don't read/comment on entries (skimmed my flist earlier just didn't comment) till after the weekend, hope everyone has a good weekend & for mother's, happy mother's day.  Tony said happy mother's day to me last year because he thinks of me as the mother of our kitty awww so cute & he got me chocolates.  Sweetie isn't he?  

Good night.  I need to relax soon.


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