Project 365: Day 87

Published May 7, 2008 by sadistickitten

I know, not the best picture in the world but my camera was acting up (needs to be charged) and wouldn't zoom correctly.   Oh this is from my parents (thank you note will be sent out tomorrow) they got it for me in Maine.  awww so sweet huh? I have never seen one like this before YAY!  Last night, watched “Hell's Kitchen” and every time I see the show, I crack up *laughs* it's funny as hell!!!  I love Ramsey being so honest he's Simon of the cooking world.  *laughs* He was on “conan o'brien” (saw it online) and he was calling people donkeys and when conan asks why he says that he said it's better than calling them assholes.  *hee hee* he rocks I tell you!

Read more of my book and I'm trying to finish it before the weekend so my mom can borrow it and read it (they're coming Sunday).  It's getting really sad right now, and I'm really making myself be serious about checking myself for breast cancer every month (and from now on).  Almost done it, not sure what to read next but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon. 

Today we got all the things that we need for this weekend.   I'm amazed that I found the current jelly and chili sauce, it started seeming like it was going to be hard to find.  I only need some of the bottle so we're giving the rest to my parents since I hardly ever make the stuff no need to keep the stuff and have it go to waste right?  Now I'll have to figure just how much 6oz is out of each since they're both 12oz (I suck at math). 

I still have to: clean the apartment (that'll take a long time, few hours if not more), give Princess a bath? (not sure about that one), cut her claws, clean the shower/tub, clean the oven (spot clean), make shephards pie, meatballs, sauce for meatballs, bake cake, decorate it, and then I've got to write letters to pals!  *phew* that'll take awhile.

I'm sorry that I didn't comment sooner but I did skim through my flist and if you don't like someone commenting all the time then delete me because I like others to know that I actually read their entries.  I'm not a comment whore, I like to comment to let others know “hey I read this entry” sometimes when someone talks in a foreign language no I can't read it so I don't comment or if it's stuff that I'm just dumbfounded (my peanut of a brain can't understand it) then I just skip commenting.  I try not to say “sorry to hear that, have a good weekend” I try to find 2 or 3 key points that you made and comment on that.  And yes, sometimes I do relate to what you're going through and I'm sorry if others don't like that.  If you are one of those people, then really you should delete me from you list NOW because I won't change from doing that.

Well since tonight we don't have any shows, I am going to go write some letters first being to Kristy since it's been there for a few days without a reply.  Take care all.  Got a lot to do in the next few days before Mother's Day & not much time to do it in.  Hopefully tonight I'll get more rest then last night (woke up to Princess bothering me, Tony too close to me in bed–I like my space when sleeping, and couldn't get back to sleep till after he left due to him snoring so loudly).  Grr so yah I hope this insomnia and everything goes away soon, I'll be dead by this weekend if not.  Have a good week! 


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