Project 365: Day 85

Published May 5, 2008 by sadistickitten

The past few days have been super busy for us.  I have been writing letters, getting ready to go out to my mom's variety show, cleaning the apartment, cooking things from scratch, and playing my games.  Parts were really boring but it was relaxing to sit there and just kind of take yourself to another world it was nice.  😀  My mom played some good parts (wrote about this in my letters so I don't want to give everything away) and she was pretty darn funny too in a good way!  I was proud of her because I could never do that in front that many people (the place was pretty darn packed).  Finished

 letter which went out today, I haven't started Voula's letter yet but I will soon.

Lately, I've been so tired and sleepy because I haven't been getting much sleep at all I keep waking up in the middle of night which sux because it takes awhile for me to fall back asleep again so yah I've been getting up early too so yah it's been sucky.  I'm probably coming down with something *boo* because my wonderful period is coming soon and I feel so very lazy around that time right before.  

Also finally updated my credit community

 which I haven't done in a while thanks to

 she always write about how she updates her so I said that I should that when I get a chance.  I also updated my section since it's been awhile since I've done that as well.  Haven't filled requested for

 but I will soon.  I need to come up with new things too.

Well I'm too tired to write more, I need some more rest hopefully tonight I can get some rest.  Lately, I haven't been reading before we go to bed because we have been going right after shows and Tony hasn't been going to check his email and stuff.  His new site hasn't been set up yet but it's getting there.  He's getting all the funding and stuff as well as forming an LLC (all this stuff is foreign to me) so he can get certain tax ride offs and stuff.  It's a slow process to say the least.

Sorry that I haven't been reading/commenting much on your entries but I did read a few of them earlier just felt too tired to comment.  God, I hope that I can get some sleep soon or I'm going to be a grump for this weekend aka Mother's Day.  Do anyone have any plans?   We'll be seeing my parents tentatively on Sunday at 5:30pm for dinner here since it's too crazy to go a resturant on that day (we didnt' think of it tiil too late or we would've made reservations).  I'll be making shephards' pie & swedish meatballs ^_^ YUMMY I've never made swedish meatballs before, I have made meatballs but just not swedish ones before.  I think I'll make the regular meatballs that I usually put with sauce (spagetti) then just put them in the swedish meatball mix.  I want to make both in case my mom makes shephards' pie and they want something different.  I'll make pasta, & mashed potatoes just in case they want it on something different (you never know with my parents).  

Well I still feel like shit so I'm going to and relax playing my sims game before our show at 9pm.  Take care all!


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