Project 365: Day 84

Published May 2, 2008 by sadistickitten

Didn't finish my letter yet to Colleen but I will tonight (sorry) but I'm almost done so it'll go out tomorrow for sure.  I also need to write 2 intro letters to people so I'll have them out for tomorrow as well.  Today wasn't too eventful, I watched more party of five as well as wrote my letter.  Went for a walk, ate breakfast afterwards, and watched another episode of LOST so now we are on season 4 (will be when we watch it again).  

Just purchased a book based on Tony's family member who was in the mafia and stuff, not sure I haven't read it yet.  Tony's dad gave it to him but since I'm allergic to smoke it's really bother me to have it in the apartment.  Told Tony if I could find the book used at B&N's site I would buy it for him so that's what I just did, bought it for 6 dollars.  Well I need to watch the rest of “How I Met Your Mother” online then finish up my letter to Colleen.

Take care all & hope you have a good weekend (shocker, never heard from my parents)! 


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