Project 365: Day 83

Published May 1, 2008 by sadistickitten

Didn't see my parents last night (didn't expect them to come later because my dad has to clean) so I watched Black Poker championship on BET last night it was rather funny I LOVE the actors/comedians that they have on their.  If my mom expects to get paid, THEY can call me most avon ladys do that, they come to YOUR house not the other way around so if my mom wants her money she'll get my dad's ass in gear and stop by. 

Normally, I don't let what typically happens with my parents (aka them not showing up, it's pretty much a given with them) but yesterday, I don't know I was just very upset over it.  Most of time I just let it go and act like so what because it's like they really care about me enough to at least call to say “sorry we can't make it” or “can we reschedule” but the only thing that I wanted to call up & say that either of them were in a hospital bed and couldn't make it.  Not some lame excuse that I KNOW they'll give me when I call them on it (that is, if they ever call me again).  I don't expect to hear from them for another week or so because I'm sure my dad will come up with some excuse. My sister's more important some bullshit like that! 

Played my sims season game today as well as Bejeweled 2, I'm so lazy today thanks to my period coming really soon it's pretty bad plus add my allergies and I'm amazed that I can even get out of bed.  It was so bad when we went out because I chocked on the air (plus there was an old lady smoking near our car, my luck I tell you) when we left the resturant.

Went out to eat for supper to the  Old Mill resturant for supper (remember how I said I'd NEVER go to Williams again well we had a choice to go there to night but I chose NO) since I asked Tony if we could go out to dinner one time this week.  😀 awww he remembered?  That's really good considering he rarely remembers anything.  The food was good but she fucked up my order, I wanted a PLAIN hamburger and it came with EVERYTHING on it *grrr* she had bitch nails and gave me attitude because SHE fucked it up.  Not my fault bitch, try paying attention for once!  I mentioned to Tony/


 and I were talking about getting our hamburgers always messed up.  I swear how hard is it to get a PLAIN hamburger made?  Are you really that retarded?  

After getting the right hamburger & leaving, we headed over to Walmart to pick up a few things that we needed for the house & a retarded guy who was smoking was waving at me and giving me the come over here as I was putting on my lipgloss.  Last time I checked, putting on lipgloss while we were driving (no I wasn't driving Tony was) doesn't mean that I'm into you.  I mean retards because they were in one of those vans with a bunch of others.  I don't have anything against them but it was just like wtf?  When he kept looking at me like I was hitting on him, I was only putting my lipgloss NOTHING else.  Sorry not trying to offend anyone just saying it was very odd indeed, that doesn't happen to me often. 

I haven't written much of my letter to Colleen today but I want to finish it and it out for tomorrow plus I have 2 intro letters that I need to get out so I'm going to work on them so they're out and done for tomorrow too.  Take care all, I got to dye my hair again soon so I'll post a picture post of various things soon with what my hair looks like now and what it will look like when I'm done.  

Have a good weekend all!

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