Project 365: Day 81

Published April 29, 2008 by sadistickitten

Finished 2 letters last night YAY and watched WPT on GSN but we qiuckly got bored by it because the people on their were very boring.  I can't stand internet players because 1) they have NO people skills 2) they put down top poker pros (to me is a BIG no no, RESPECT your elders) 3) think they're so hot because they can win but in the long run they won't be hot because they're too damn cocky.   So anyways, I got to write to my pals as well as read my book, check email before going to bed.

Read my new book “Why I Wore Lipstick: To My Mastectomy” which made me think that 1) hadn't checked my breasts in a while for any changes (however, I'm sure when Tony touches them he'd notice something different) 2) if I had breast cancer and had to get a mastectomy how would I feel.  Would I feel different? Would it matter? Would my husband still love?  Granite, my husband's not a boob man but still he does like them and I'm the reason why he likes boobs now.  

Just something to think about & my great aunt died of breast cancer in the end, she was in remission then it came back.  So that's another factor that I must think about.  Now I'll be better and check once a month just to be sure.  Plus, I thought of the time that I found something strange & abnormal in my breasts when I was checking them all the time.  Come to find out it was only a cluster of cells nothing wrong just happened but it was THE scariest time of my life.  I felt this lump, hard spot but it was right after my period so I said if it's back later on after I don't have it anymore THEN I'll do something about it.  Well guess what?  It came back & I was worried then.  Even though it turned out to be nothing, all the women in the hospital (ironically the same one that I used to work out & used to clean the mamogram room) said it was smart to get one and that I could've gotten an ultra sound instead of a mamgram but I'll be all set when I need to get them done later on life.  Oh well, at least I didn't ignore it and I'm proud of myself for getting it checked out.  


Called my parents because while checking my email I saw a coupon for weathervane (they don't have the internet so they put it under my email address for anything that might come for specials) that they might want so I called them to let them know.  My dad was all giddy and happy again (which isn't normal for my dad unless he's on vacation), he asked why I called and said that they hadn't forgotten about us.  They even bought me a HK item awww they're too sweet huh?  We talked for a short bit & he told me that he'd call us tomorrow sometime to come down here because he had to get stuff in the area so why not stop by.  They also have other stuff for us plus we've got stuff for them as well.  Not sure if we'll “have the talk” then but my dad mention my sister ONCE.  But I found it amusing when he did so. 

We were talking about gifts and mentioned that my sister gives the crappest of crap gifts (like I didn't know that) and that he's going “talk to her about it” yah right!  Like he's going to say “Malinda, you need to really rethink the gifts that you give” and besides like that'll change her mind.  My dad actually blamed Jason for it as if my sister does NOT have a mind of her own *rolls eyes* Here's what I laughed at, he goes well you most of all what types of gifts your sister gives and he kind of laughed about it a good way not an ackward way.  I hadn't even thought of that because believe it or not, it's not on my mind all the time.  So when he said I was like oh yah that's why I can't stand my sister ^_^ but yah I thought that was rather funny that he said it to me.  He never would've said that if he was working, he would've been avoiding it. I don't expect my parents to NEVER talk about my sister, I just don't need them bringing up about how I need to call/talk or be around here which I don't nor will I ever.

Grocery shopping was a lot to do since he was gone most of the weekend, we did go to walmart but you can't get everything there since it's not a super walmart it does have grocery stuff just not all that we needed there.  Went through the coupons to see what we had and wow are we low.  I finally went through them and threw a bunch out too.  

Finished Kayla's letter but not till after the mail came because I was trying to finish it up before I actually got the mail since I get very distracted and I was in the mood to write.  My writing prof always told us that we should write till we feel it's right to fnish.  If there's a bomb about to explode near us, keep writing.  I don't think that I'd do that but you get the point, he told us not to stop when we were really going with something so I was doing that with her letter.  Now I only have Colleen's to write, which will take me awhile to do so.  I need a break for a short while before I start hers, I'll probably read my flist then make some graphics.  I can't fill requests

 yet because I need to wait till others have requested more (just recently put another up).  I'm trying to keep the place busy & popular so be on the lookout for more freebies much more frequently.

Not sure if I'll clean the house tonight or tomorrow since my parents are coming or so they say (sorry if I don't believe them but sometimes they say that they're coming up but then things come up that change).  I think I'm going to create some new things and read my flist now.  Take care all, have a good week.  To all my friends (including myself) that are losing weight, good luck girlies I know you'll do it!!!! 😀

EDIT: I have read/commented on posts that were made *PHEW* that was a lot that I had to read, I'm tired now.  Show's on in less than a half an hour “hell's kitchen” I love the funniest of it all and because they use “HK” *Laughs*


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