Project 365: Day 80

Published April 28, 2008 by sadistickitten

Started reading “bridget jones': guide to life” last night before going to bed, only ended up reading a page or two before I got tired and went to sleep.  Tony and I snuggled which was nice because I missed the snuggling and all those annoying habits that I was oh so annoyed with, well that's gone away so the time apart was good for us ^_^ YAY

Woke up early this morning, by Princess she was walking on my tummy and needing it (didn't mind the needing but it had to be around 2am) so I shut the door.  Tony had it open due to him being away all weekend but Princess didn't even bother him, she bothered me (shocker, who's been giving her food lately?  ME).  Watched Lost while he ate breakfast I wasn't hungry yet and I've missed that!  I never realized it till I started watching the show with him but I missed it!!!  

Haven't started any letters yet (sorry) because I was taking a break from writing because of the long letter that I wrote to

 this weekend that took up a lot of my time (plus I get easily distracted OPS).  I needed a break from writing for a day, but I'll get to writing a letter tomorrow.  I might just write to

 because hers won't take too long to write.  That way I'll get it out of the way, hope she doesn't mind 😉 I'm sure she won't.  The other ones are pretty long so I want to take longer on replying (I have some pals that write short letters, others that write longer letters no problem with that at all, everyone's different).  

Finished “bridget jones': guide to life” earlier, it was short yes I know but I started reading it before I took a nap a litlte while ago and man, I kept falling asleep so I needed one.  Feels good to finish a book in a day ^_^ I've never done that before *laughs* I know, it has so little pages but give my pathetic victory ok 😉 I'm currently reading “why I wore lipstick to my mastectomy” saw the lifetime based on the book awhile ago and again I NEVER knew it based on a book. I didn't know what I was going to read but I look at my bookshelf and just picked it out.  I should read “the curse of the red sox” but I can't find it right now, probably under my bed in one of my big boxes.

Entered all the codes that I needed to and yes I know, you're still doing the cokerewards yup don't know why but I'm a gultton for punishment, meh.  Never called my parents like I said that I might but that's ok, I'm sure they were crazy busy yelling at each other to take another turn or don't go that way or something.  They're terrible when it comes to driving anywhere, each have their own opinions about where to go.  

Poker's in a little while and I'd like to start a letter, I'll fill requests in

 soon I just need to finish two more letters which I plan on doing tomorrow and getting out

 letter for tomorrow.  Probably won't get another letter written before tomorrow but I'll start one at least 😉 take care all & comments/reading will come soon I know I just said that the other day but I need to do this stuff right ok?  Sleeping in the middle of the day plus rainy day outside always makes me so drowsy and tired so it takes me awhile to get me going. 


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