Project 365: Day 79

Published April 27, 2008 by sadistickitten


Woke up late again, since I went to bed around 2am after getting tired while writing to

 and watching episodes of party of five.  Before I fell asleep, I read some of “edge of reason” I'm basically done it but I was too tired to finish it.  Tony woke me up this morning with his phone call to say that he would be home before 5pm but that was about it.  He didn't exactly say what time he would be back but he did say that he was leaving around noontime and they'd stop to eat something on the way.

While waiting for Tony to arrive, finished  up

 letter, watched heads up poker championship, cleaned the house a bit, took care of princess, did the dishes, put the dishes away, and got ready for him to come back.  He arrived around 2pm which I wasn't expecting at all but it was nice.  I was reading my book at the time and relaxing.  We talked about all that he did, saw, took pics of and videos for me.  He told me that their 3 boys are spoiled brats and told me examples of things that they did or said, one kid asked for 60 bucks for a party that they were going to (these kids aren't young either) and when the parents both said no three times he goes to his parents' room and STEALS a 100 bill from him!!!  wtf?  Gesh, glad I wasn't there that would've drove me mad!

Not only that but he was telling about how his sister was going on telling him (Tony) how to play poker (that's rich) and how he was “pushing her around” when he playing poker to the odd wise and what not.  I think a man who does poker for a living knows more about the stats and all that stuff compared to a girl who's just an occasional player *grr* that woman!!!  Oh and I guess she was always telling people how or what to eat (Tony's dad & uncle are diabetic) as if they don't know what to eat!  Like she should speak, the fuckin' woman smokes pot but “claims” it's for medical purposes.  The ONLY medical purpose it's prescribed for is when you've got cancer, fuckin' hippocrite.

Had take out pizza & fries from Marcos' which I adore their pizza to bits.  😀 It came pretty darn quickly (they're just across the street, I didn't feel like leaving the house Yup I was lazy) and watched heads up poker championship.  We snuggled earlier and he took a nap while I finished “edge of reason” not sure what I'll read next… we'll just have to wait and see.  Went out to Walmart to pick things that we needed plus he left his pillow and my blanket (the man owes me a blanket now) up there but remember everything else.  Had supper, my meatballs and spagetti watched BSG.  

Well off to read before bed “guide to life” take care all & have a good week.

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