Project 365: Day 78

Published April 26, 2008 by sadistickitten

Today was nice waking up late after going to bed around 1am because I couldn't fall asleep till then.  I read my book and I hope to finish it tonight before going to bed, I think I'll end up staying up late to finish it if need be.  Took care of Princess (all but her poopies but I'll do that before I go to bed) and I even cut her claws since they were getting pretty long.  Amazingly, she wasn't that bad either she was actually better than normal cutting them.  Didn't need Tony at all, good for me huh?  And Princess didn't bother me at all last night but I did however have earplugs in so I don't know if she was going nutso at the door or not.  Tonight I might let her come in so she can sit on Tony's side.

Cooked hamburger for lunch and the rest of the meat went to the meatballs that I am currently cooking or keeping warm in the slow cooker to add some flavor to them it's always best to cook them or have them sit in the sauce all night long instead of eating them the other way around.  I love my slow cooker, I know you're a dork jenn I am I'll be the first to admit it.  


's letter earlier and I'm still working on it but I shall have it out for Monday for sure.  I'm about half way through it so it won't take too much to finish it up.  I'm trying to use up old paper that I have instead of using the new paper that I have so I hope that no one's upset over me using my big paper (aka HK notebooks that I've got from

 as well as a few other pals & a few that I've bought for myself) on their letters this time.  

Earlier, I bought a new letter set online it's my melody   isn't it cute?  I just couldn't pass it up for only FIVE dollars!?  That's a good price plus it's adorable.  See I don't just have HK paper and I'm getting low on other paper since not all of my pals like HK.  

Talked with Tony on the phone twice today as well as got an email from him and apparently his chum chum relationship with her went down the tube (can I say told ya so?) because of this (he wrote this in the email):
she retook the chip lead and went on to win the thing.
Now she's like “oh, I'm going to call all your friends and tell them I beat the professional poker player”.  I love when people think because they won ONE time they are now a poker god.  šŸ˜›

I love that about people (sarcastic remark), when they win by LUCK in poker when the odds were in his favor she gets lucky & she says wins?  Yes because playing ONCE against someone makes you this poker guy *rolls eyes* she's such an idiot but no shocker there we already knew that on.  So what?  I mean Tony's friends have won against him a lot of times and so haven't I.  Sometimes the luck in on your side with the cards coming or you make a bad call then you get rewarded.  

That doesn't mean she's able to play professional just by ONE game.  Amatuers!  Hell, I play against him ALL the time and you know what happens?  Sometimes he win then other times he loses big deal.  Making a big deal about her winning ONCE in her life means nothing.  He did tell me later that she lost again him when he was doing what was systically right (odds wise and all) she started crying he said *laughs* is that sick that I love hearing that?  After her comments being so rude to us when I saw her, I don't care if that's sad to laugh at her or get a kick out of it, fuck her!  If you knew more about this girl (my pals know what I'm talking about) you'd understand fully why I can't stand her BEYOND the baby comments.

Had to walk down to the convienant store and buy 2 cans of sauce because the one that we had wasn't enough (never is when I make meatballs).  They're not big cans, I should've bought 3 but if I have to I can get another but I don't think that I'll need it looks like it'll be good.  Not the same sauce we normally get so it's going to taste different.  Had it for supper because I couldn't think of what else to say, just don't tell Tony (shhh) that I had it because tomorrow for supper that's what we're having together. 


Called my parents earlier because I was going to establish communications with them, I wanted to know what was going on and if they were ok with it.  If they'd “disowned me” over it or not.  So I bite the bullet and called them around 5pm and then I wondered if they were going to call me back or if they just weren't there or the terrible, they are there but don't want to pick up šŸ˜¦   Got a call later on around 8pm from my parents saying that they're in Maine came in early this morning.  My dad's got next week off work so they decided to head up there.  They're not coming back till Monday some time but they gave their car phone (they've got on star & have a bunch of free minutes on it and told me to call them sometime on it).  So they didn't get my call but they must've gotten the letter since it was last week and all.

Talked about mother's day and getting together with them sometime next week since my dad's got it off.  Apparently they have a lot of stuff for us and we've got returnables (I give them to my dad since he gets all of them from other people & I don't care to deal with that stuff so we give them to him) for them plus a lightbulb that we can't use because it doesn't fit into of our things it's too high (won it).  They were the first ones to call that's a good sign ^_^ No mention about my sister or the letter so that's good.  It's funny because whenever Tony's gone, my parents are always like “give us a call” or “we'll call you tomorrow while he's gone” as if I can't manage without him so sweet.

Called Tony to tell him the good news!  It was a relief to hear for me to hear from them and he was glad that I did because he knows how much it's been driving me crazy.  Feels and seems stupid to be so upset over that stuff now doesn't it?  ^_^ oh well, how was I supposed to know what they thought or felt on the matter.  They might not love the idea at all and I don't blame them, if I was in their situation I wouldn't like it either but at least they respect it….or so I believe. 

Well now that I'm all awake and excited, I'll probably end up going to bed late.  I'll be seeing Tony tomorrow in the late evening hopefuly for supper if I don't see him for supper I'll kill my FIL because he's dragging his feet when he wants to leave and I noticed from Tony's tone that he's not too happy about that.  He'd rather come home sooner rather than later but his dad has other plans.  He didn't come in the same car but he doesn't know how to get back (he does have mapquest directions and all but he's afraid that he'll get lost on his own).  It's not vermont, it's NH he was wrong but it's pretty far up there in NH.  Further than I've ever been before (ok I've been to Maine but I mean further up NH than I've been to).

Well I want to finish up Anette's letter tonight while I have the time (no clue when exactly he'll show up and he might come sooner) and watch a few more episodes of Party of five while I can.  I do watch stuff when he's here but he makes stupid comments (men I tell you) so I'd rather watch it without him here that's all.  I did that with Dawson's creek but friends it's not a drama.

When he's back, I'll read & comment on entries not sure if it'll be tonight or Monday.  I've skimmed my flist but I haven't commented yet (checked to see if I had any pick ups in communities) and I still have to fill requests in

 Princess is at it again, her cold nose is rubbing up against my arm (of course she wants love when I want to finish up on the computer and write *laughs* I love how cats are like that) and hand.  You'd think he was gone all year long the way she's acting all loving and all but I am loving it I must admit.  On the phone with my parents she was all over, purring and rubbing against me plus kicking my boobs.  Silly kitty!!!  

Take care all & have a good rest of the weekend. 


by me


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