Project 365: Day 77

Published April 25, 2008 by sadistickitten


Woke up early this morning (like 4am or something) I had a strange dream again 😦 guess the dreams didn't totally go away yet oh well, I'm sure adventually I'll stop dreaming about unhappiness just need to deal with the bad stuff right now.  I don't think it's totally out of my system plus I've been writing a lot about the whole thing (penpals keep asking “what have you been up to” as well as things about christmas/easter etc. so yah been thinking about that stuff because I had to write it all down again.  Feels like it's happening all over again writing it down) with my family so yah that brings up a lot of stuff.

Tony and I watched an episode of Lost before he left today.  It was nice and I thought that I'd end up missing him a lot more than I have but I'm actually enjoying the time apart which is great.  I rather enjoy being able to go to bed when I want to (Tony & I usually wait up for each other, I read or he plays his games), eat what I want (not that I don't eat whatever what I want) but it's nice to have this freedom.    

Wasn't expecting Tony's family (i.e. FIL & SIL) to show up here because I thought that they were meeting him at the resturant a little bit away (it's a short walk there) from us.  I looked like crap for one and I was wearing my pjs so I wasn't in the mood to get up and hug anymore (not that I would with them either) or see them for that matter.  The minute my SIL stepped in the door she said the typical thing that she always mentions (that fuckin' bitch always has to bring it up in my presence and I was just too tired to say stfu to her so I just sat there rolling my eyes in my head not actually doing it) “I thought you guys weren't having kids” because she was Princess.  

Yes the last time I checked, Princess a baby, a human person.  *rolls eyes* Now you know why I don't like her nor do I want to be around her for a whole fuckin' weekend.  Good reason to stay home huh?  She also said that Princess was fat wtf?  You're so polite, where did you learn your manners (right, of course she doesn't have manners look at her parents)?  I said Princess isn't fat, she's a fluffy kitty so she's bigger than normal cats & she's a medium hair DUH are you stupid?!  You can tell Princess weighs like 10 lbs if that, she's far from fat people.  God, she's such a moron.

*sighs* Ok, now that I've gotten that off my chest… back to the real stuff….

Took care of the trash bringing it inside (our trash day is Friday) which is normally Tony's job, did the dishes (Tony's job) and took care of princess as well.  I also wrote 2 letters (like I said, took longer to write the letters because of the issues in it) and watched a bunch of stuff.  It's not that I don't watch stuff when he's here but with him here it's harder to watch my shows/movies since he doesn't like them too much (aka too girly for him).  I usually watch tv/movies while he's sleeping so he doesn't have to hear it or when he's gone like now.  

Princess has been my sidekick, my best friend and normally it's not like she isn't wanting to hang out or chill with me on the couch while I write (gotta say I love having a writing buddy) but since he's not here to take away her attention or for her to show he's mine attitude that she gets him more than I do well she's been freaking out, meowing, sitting on my chest (because I use a lapdesk with a pillow underneath when I write my letters), etc. so it's nice to have a companion like that. I think if she wasn't so needy right now (she's a very needy cat, she'll freak out when we leave for a sec. ex. when I get the mail) I'd be lonely but I'm not.

I'm trying to work on letters this weekend since I've got now 4 of them to write so instead of reading/commenting on journals this weekend I'll be doing that.  Hope that you understand because I want to get these out and have some nice free & quiet time while Tony's gone to get them all done.  I finished Lisa's letter tonight & it'll be going out tomorrow sorry that I didn't tell you that before or put it in 

but I totally forgot *bad jennifer* sorry lisa.  And now, Anette's is next and hers takes a while so I don't think that it'll go out tomorrow since i haven't even started it yet (sorry was writing Lisa's and watching tv I've been so distracted lately when I'm writing damn you ADD damn you).  But I will get it out for Monday for sure ok?

Well I gotta get going because I'm getting tired being up since 4am and I need to take a shower then I'll be reading in bed till I can fall asleep.  It's harder to fall asleep when you're used to someone there even if that someone does snore 😉 

Take care all & have an excellent weekend.  Any plans?  

PS: I'll fill requests next week since I really need to finish up the letters this weekend ok?  Cool, hope no one wanted them asap or anything.

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