Project 365: Day 76

Published April 24, 2008 by sadistickitten


Got up early again this morning BUT I didn't wake up in the middle of the night nor did I dream about my sister/parents so that was rather nice.  đŸ˜€ the first time not dreaming about them so that was rather refreshing.  Ended up writing to

 today (started it, I'm almost done but I need to finish it up before tomorrow) and then I was craving eggs, homefries & ham YUM so Tony ordered the homefries & ham from Friendlys and he made scrambled eggs.  He found out how to make them much better than normal by using the internet (god how would I live without) he can now make them better, still not as good as my dad's (please don't tell him that though) but still pretty good.

Went to Target to get a few things that we needed for the house because Tony's leaving for his cousins house (kept saying uncles in my letters sorry) tomorrow so I wanted to get some things for me since I'll be here for the weekend til Sunday that is.  I would go up there but I think Tony & I both need some r & r away from each other (remember we see each 24/7/365) and I really don't care to be around family right now.  I'm not over the whole thing with my sister/parents so I think seeing someone when I'm not done yet wouldn't be the best thing for me.  I need some time to digest this and HOPEFULLY move on.  I bought those stickers today, I was going to buy these other ones but these were far cheaper & cuter.  I LOVE the new tinkerbell designs and of course I'm a sucker for disney princess'.

I think this weekend will give me some time to think about it.  I plan on writing my written journal to get stuff out that I won't feel comfortable writing in here plus working things out.  And my allergies have really been bothering me a lot latey with the warmer weather (it's late 70s but with the humidity it's like 80s) the nasal spray helps with the pills but not getting rid of all of it.  So since I'm allergic to smoke Tony can tell them that my allergies are bothering me and the smoke would make it worse.  My FIL is going up there to show them how to use a vehicle that Tony's cousin bought.   Tony's going up to talk about his new business that he's working on starting up as well as see the “compound” (guess it's pretty huge).  But I don't feel comfortable being around a lot of people and they've got a lot of kids/people coming this weekend NO WAY!

Tony's already packed (might check his suitcase just to make sure that he's got everything that he needs since he forgets things often) and right now, he's trying to help the landlord with her computer.  The night before he's going away for the weekend, he decides to say yes to help her wtf?  I'm sorry but can't he do that any day instead of the night before he's leaving?  I'm sorry but that's just rude, maybe we wanted to spend the night together watching shows or I wanted to *make pizza* (*hint, hint* we're not baking *wink*) before he leaves?  God, I can't stand that about people.  They don't care about anyone but themselves.  I do like living here with the landlords but I'm poed because she could've waited till next week!  He's fixing the landlords wife computer but still.  What pisses me off more is that my parents asked about Tony coming over to help them with their computer (the one that he built them) but I told them that Tony doesn't do that stuff anymore (which he doesn't).  He only fixes our computers since he builds them and all.  Men, I gotta tell you.

Ok I'm off to finish Heidi's letter since I want it out tomorrow when Tony leaves.  Take care all.  Have a good rest of the week & early weekend.  Does anyone have any plans?  

I've put up a new freebie in

 for others to request, no one has yet but it's later at night so I don't expect them asap to comment or what not but feel free to request it if you'd like.  I'm currently on some new stuff. 

Pick Ups for people, please let me know when you've picked them up:

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