Very Hurt & Angry HIGHLY filtered post

Published April 23, 2008 by sadistickitten

I'm so very hurt and angry right now, one of my “friends” told me to NOT do anything to the new community that I have created for a selected few and now after her & I have worked out the details, she's decided to bail wtf? I'm sorry but that's fuckin' rude! She sent me an email just a bit ago “claiming” it's work and stuff that's why she can't do it. Bs, it's not that at all it's more like she just doesn't like me anymore. I've noticed certain comments tha she makes now and she's the one that's been skipping over my entries or at least saying that she's reading them but just not commenting because she's got nothing to say. Yeah ok whatever, don't fuckin' like to me just tell me the truth.

I sent her an email back saying that I'm not surprised at all but I am very hurt. Because frankly I am, I worked hard on this with her going through things with her and what not. Now she's pulling “I don't have time bs” don't fuckin' lie to me tell me the fuckin' truth for once in your life! She has plenty of time to do stuff in other communities but because it's me (I'm sure those bitches in other places have told her that if she does something with me they'll ban her from their communities). And not only that, this person thinks that I don't make revelant comments on entries.

Just because I talk about stuff that makes me think of the entry (I know a lot of people that do that duh), or that I at least write something in the comment to let them know “hey I read this” even if it's just hope you have a good weekend or something small like that” I don't always comment (as you guys will notice) on EVERY entry either but I try to say something. Not only that but this person expects OTHERS to comment on her entries yet not comment on others entries. If don't want to know what people are doing, etc. then don't fuckin' have people on your list on LJ. Join mysapce or something and keep in contact with people without actually knowing anything about them. I can't stand people who just expect you to comment on their entries but ignore yours. I'm sorry but that is BEYOND rude.

God, wtf? I can't stand it when people just lie to you like that. I'm hurt because well I thought that she was different and a nice person but apparently I am a terrible judge of character. Why does this shit always happen to me? WHY?!

Please don't discuss this entry outside of this entry, it's HIGHLY filtered the person that I'm talking about it is odviously not on the filter nor is this persons friends that are mine as well.

by the sweet:


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