Project 365: Day 75

Published April 23, 2008 by sadistickitten
Last night, I ended up finishing my gifts for you guys (if anyone of you want to know what I'm talking about, check out this post here: it's got a bunch of things for people.  If you want ANYTHING from that post, just fill out this form because that's all I'll need from you:

Number of boxes:

Woke up a bit earlier than normal and got a bunch of stuff done which was nice.  I'm allergies/sinuses are doing much better since I've been taking my crack….I mean my Ziacom *laughs* sorry I put it up my nose & all (if you don't know this about me, I'm very sarcastic at times & I like to be silly).  Plus taking the allergy pill that we have has really helped me out a lot with my breathing and not making me all drowsy.

Weather's been getting warmer here lately and it's been wonderful.  One thing that I love about this area is that we have such wonderful breeze this time of the year that's relaxing not too cold nor does it make bad but the nights are pretty darn chilly which is always nice I must say.  I can't wait till the landlords got the deck all set up so I can read my book outside with some iced tea on the deck set that they bought.  It's beautiful, for those are new to my journal since last year, you will get to see some pics I'm sure since I will be spending time out there this spring/summer.

I keep waking up from all the stress lately in the middle of the night in sweat because I keep having dreams about my sister and parents about things that weren't from my childhood plus things that were.  I know that's my way of letting her go and moving on, I had this when I lost a friend of mine (not death just we stopped being friends) I'm sure adventually I'll get over it all.  During the day I'm not thinking about it or her much at all but then when I sleep it all comes back to me.  Can't run from it which I'm not trying to, I'm trying to move on but I need time that's all.  I know that I keep saying it but things keep coming up so I can't digest it fully and move on.  Hopefully, my parents will respect our decision about them and let us leave it alone/move on.  I'll find out… (and no, still NO call from them yet but I don't expect them to call either they don't call unless they need something).

Did the laundry again *grumbles* soo can't wait till I don't have to walk down there and do it because there are some smelly “homely” characters down there that freak me the fuck out.  Tony was complaining this morning about me doing the laundry (whites were pretty high) because he's out of shirts & underwear while I wasn't (he changes like 2 times a day).  

When I went to do the laundry, Tony looked at me and said “you look thinner” those are the three words that I love to hear.  Yes, more than hearing i love you (not that he doesn't say that to me every day and several times a day) because it makes me feel so good about myself.  I've been working out, we've been going on walks, eating yogurt (3 dairy products a day), not eating after 7pm, eating less portion wise, exercisising/working out, which has really helped me lose weight.  Put it this way, my boobs are even smaller in my bras YAY makes me feel good.  My stomach, thighs, arms, boobs, and even face have lost a lot of weight.  How much you ask?  Not sure but it's up there near 30 lbs by now.  I would weight myself but then I freak out and weight myself all the time so I don't want to do that.

Watched “Hitman” earlier with Timothy Olyphant and I've always liked him as an actor since I've seen him on deadwood.  I've seen a few films with him in it already and I love his character besides him being a cutie 😉 He plays a good part in the movies that he's in my favorite that he was in was “the girl next door” his character is hilarous!!!  

Well Tony wants me to give him the rub down and I want to bid on the HK grocery bag on ebay since I found it cheaper than so I'm going to buy it, it's only 20 bucks (less than actually) so it's by far cheaper that way than going through them plus the sellers pretty much 100% ok, not totally she's over 90% but close enough.  I'm going to buy it then rub Tony, so take care all and good night.  I'm going to work on Heidi's letter tonight ok?  Cool!  Have no shows to watch.  OH I'm half way through my “edge of reason” book YAY.  I can't wait to finish it, I'm going to try to do that before this weekend, not sure if I will or not.  

I'll read/comment on entries soon.

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