Project 365: Day 72

Published April 19, 2008 by sadistickitten

*pic is princess outside* awww isn't she cute, the knee is mine*
Got up earlier than expected due to Tony snoring last night *grrr* seriously need to stop him from doing that because it's causing me to sleep wrong as well as not get enough sleep and be so oh grumpy in the morning (more than normal since I'm NOT a morning person) and did stuff on my computer.  Finally got into the giveaway that was filling up all the time hopefully I'll still get the prize we'll just have to see how it goes, if comes in the mail or not.

Had to leave the house for an hour due to the landlord bombing the cellar (if we don't do that, we'll get TONS of bugs in here) and we had to take Princess with us so we couldn't do shopping that we need to do soon.  Instead, we went to Dunns park (where Tony & I go for walks) to stay there for the time that we needed to till it was safe enough to go back home.  I played my DS and after awhile, Tony wanted to get take-out so we went to a new pizza place.  Waited in the car with Princess and read my book while he went in plus I watched Princess.  It's too hot out to keep her in the car while we both when inside (it was in the 70s today and it's going to be the late 60s soon).  

Working on

's letter which I'll have out for Monday it's taking me awhile to write because again my allergies (sinuses too) are killing me 😦 blah, I love & hate this time of the year I tell you.  Plus it's about Easter & we all know how much I LOVE that day *rolls eyes* so it's been talking about what happened since then.  I'll have it done for Monday but I'm taking my time to get all my thoughts out.

Watched a few episodes of Party of Five (we get “tube time” shows with our digital cable) because I wanted to see Matthew Fox before Lost.  I used to have a crush on him back in the day now he is a good looking guy but there's no attraction to him anymore.  Speaking of party of five, whatever happened to Scott wolf?  He was supposed to be the new tom cruise, I mean I know he's been on other shows and stuff but still he was supposed to be bigger than he is now.  Odd really that Matt Fox is now a bigger star than Scott Wolf, considering I'm sure that Matt gets paid a lot being one of the main stars of the CBS show.  Just thought that was odd that's all.

Worked on more graphics for people.  I have an entry saved right now filled with gifts for you guys but I'm not done it yet so I haven't “published” the entry yet.  Update on parents situation: NO calls, they haven't called so far at all this weekend.  They just got it either Friday or Saturday (depending if my mom went out to get the mail yesterday or not–they've got a PO BOX) so I'm sure they're still digesting.  If I can get Tony to share the document I'll save the document because I like to keep those things.  I might show you guys the letter, not sure yet.

Well I've been pretty badly distracted today, it's been pretty bad trying to write a letter when your brain is everywhere.  Gah, these are the times that I hate having ADD (once again, don't need drugs for it, thank GOD that I don't.  I have friends who were on it & now they're all fucked up worse than I am *laughs*) my concintration level is terrible ok I gotta go because I'm losing my train of thought.  I think I'm going to go play some sims.  Take care all!

PS: I'm kind of upset because I've commented a bunch of people's journals yet some people don't comment on mine like EVER.  I am sorry but something's wrong there.  I don't mind not getting comments ALL the time, hell I don't expect it but it's like certain people will comment on others entries but when it's me they're like fuck you and skip over me.  What gives?  Sorry just ranting.

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