Project 365: Day 71

Published April 18, 2008 by sadistickitten

Last night, after getting off the computer I decided to watch a movie (we have a few that we got and I haven't watched them yet), ended up watching “superman returns” it was sad yet happy all at once.  It wasn't something that I was expecting but it was rather good, he's not christopher reeves by ANY means but still he's not bad looking either šŸ˜‰

Today however, woke up later than expected missed the first episode of BSG on but ended up watching it at 10am instead of 9am.  It was really good, I rather enjoyed it makes me want to see next week's now.  So that means at 10pm we'll be able to watch the soup YES!

Decided not to go to the movies today, my allergies are really bad today so I didn't feel like going out much it's been making me drowsy *ggrrr* Had fish 'n chips after

's entries about having them I was craving them!  Plus it's friday (it's an old catholic thing) so I figured why not fish?!  I used to have that every friday during lent as well as pizza every week on fridays LOVE pizza. 

Wrote my letter to

's letter (got that the other day, just didn't update about it till today sorry was busy & forgot) and it went out today with the mail.  I got

 letter in the mail today, I have yet to reply to it but I will do that soon.  In the April Allure magazine, they talk about my FAVORITE pro poker player Phil Gordon's little green book *laughs* awesome.  Showed Tony since his job is poker & all. 

“Made pizza” *hint hint* which was needed because we both were craving it.  Tonight we got to watch the soup next.  Well take care all, I've lost my concintration.  I read/commented on some entries but not all I'll do more tomorrow.  Have a good weekend!  Off to watch the show & read my book, or play my sims game.
PS: Marie made this for you, did you notice?  Replied to your commentm did you not get it?.  Let me know when you've picked it up so I can delete it, thanks.

Made these for people, I've got more that I haven't finished yet so be on the lookout for that:


by me


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