Project 365: Day 70

Published April 17, 2008 by sadistickitten

Last night we watched “Nancy Drew” because we were bored and I couldn't get past another part in Mario bros so instead I played a few games (or 20) of 5 card draw on Mario Bros.  I didn't feel like reading nor anything else, I've been so lazy lately think that has to do with my allergies. No allergy meds are helping them stay at bay 😦 it's really rather frustrating.  The movie was very good, much like the books that I read growing up.  Made me want to buy the whole nancy drew series and read them all ^_^

Today, got breakfast from Friendly's because I don't have anymore breakfast items and watched another episode of LOST.  Did my exercises on DS, which I have noticed a big difference already.  Especiallly how I can now listen to a clock ticking and not get nervous.  Normally if I'm taking a test I freak out because I can't figure it out or the time's driving me nuts. I think that is something significant at least to me and I'm very pleased with those results.

Called Kay's Jewelers yesterday to find out if my ring was coming in or not.  They said it was supposed to be on the 16th which was yesterday so I called them.  They hung up on me when she asked if she could put me on hold.  I got angry then asked Tony to call, he called them and got RESULTS!  Wtf?  Seriously, this shit happens to me all the fuckin' time.  They told him that the ring wasn't in yet but it would be in tomorrow (today) and they'd call when it came in.  Today I called and yet again they gave me the run around saying that they would call us (bs) and that it wasn't in yet.  I got mad AGAIN so had Tony call, she “claims” that they were just about to call us saying that the ring was ready *rolls eyes* sure she was and I'm uncle fuckin' sam.  

Went earlier to get the ring since after all, it had taken longer than expected to get it and I didn't want to wait any longer.  Plus it's been weird without my ring (married people know what I'm talking about if they've ever had their ring resized or lost) and I've felt naked.    Just came back from the mall actually and I also got my nightguard since I have the coupon and all.  We needed liquid draino, Princess' furs accidently down there and I didn't stop them so it's been slowly going down.  

My hair starting to change to blonde again 😐 but luckily for me, I have the dark brown hair color that I plan on using (and keep it on for a longer time than they say so it'll stay) this time.  I won't have to do it yet but soon I shall because I don't want the blonde totally coming through.  At least the roots and the top hair isn't light just yet so that's good.

Got our netflix replaces in today but looks like (unless their site is wrong) that we'll be getting another copy of the same one they just gave us as a replacement.  *shakes head* what's wrong with them lately seriously!  Now I wouldn't mind it if it was ONE dvd that they fucked up TWO?  And now possibly THREE?  Something's just wrong here.

BSG is going on the as of 9am tomorrow as well as every hour on the hour till 4pm before the showing of it tomorrow night.  I hope to watch it then so we can watch the soup tomorrow night.  Wrote up a letter to the landlords asking if they could bomb the cellar one time since we got a lot of bugs last year inside here, hopefully they'll agree to it since the last time we talked about they didn't want them getting things up there nor did they want the other tenant complaining about it.

Sent out the letter to my parents today, worked on it with Tony.  Didin't write everything like I wrote mine, he said mine was TOO emotional and I needed to be less so.  I think he's right because then it'll look like my sister's did.  I wanted to send out the letter today because my dad's got tomorrow off his 2nd & 3rd job so he can look at it when he gets home.  We made a point of saying in it that we don't care to hear, talk, or discuss this matter or even them ever again.  We have made our decision and hope not to lose you over this the whole mess.  Think it sounds friendly but a little too corporate but oh well, at least it's better than talking face to face about the matter because I just want to put it to bed already!  

Put up my new layout that

 made me (thanks doll, I've sent your payment & am working on a few gifts for you as well) that I feel is totally me!!  ^_^  I love it, can't say enough about it either.  Plus I changed some icons that work better with the layout since it's darker, cute but dark just like me *laughs*  It's funny because I feel no one really knows the real me because there's 2 parts to me (guess that's just everyone) and I only show this side of me most of the time.  I think that's why others get mad because I get rid of them or that I go and stop being pals or friends with them because I don't think that they even knew me to know what I am really like to be upset that I'm not their anything anymore.

Tomorrow the forbidden kingdom comes out with Jackie Chan & Jet Li.  I always thought that it would be neat to have the 2 of them together in a movie because they're both martial arts guys and so different in their styles.  So it's going to be pretty cool.  It's been awhile since we've gone to the movies or anything so it'll be a good change.  Normally, there's nothing worth going to the movies to see but it's been awhile since we've been to the movies.  Hope it's good.  

Well I think I'm going to go and read, I slept on my arm last night so it's start to hurt to type plus the mouse.  Comment/read will come soon, sorry just don't want to injure my arm any further.  Take care all, plus my concintration isn't here right now.  Have a good weekend, have any plans?


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