Project 365: Day 68

Published April 15, 2008 by sadistickitten

Didn't do much today at all, watched some LOST earlier and I cleaned the oven because finally we didn't have anything in it for once (or just used it) and I didn't get EVERYTHING off of it which makes me really mad.  I had it on for an hour, so next time I need to clean it I might end up leaving it on for 2 or 3 hours just to get that spot off.  I even used the brillo pad but still it didn't come off.

Got a letter in the mail from a former penpal, I didn't even bother reading it because yesterday when I posted the list of penpals (I'll update that up later because I know I missed 2 or 3 of you guys) I threw out her other letters since after all, I don't intend on being pals with her any longer after the last comment was my last straw so why keep the letters? I see no point in doing so.

Dentist was quick, I was there a few minutes before my appointment only enough to finish part of a page.  Then they took and I was done in 3 mins. without novocaine because it was just a minor spot SWEET!  What's funny is that every time I bring a book with me, I'm done in NO time but when I forget to bring one I'm there for hours.  Rather odd if you ask me.  Same goes with an umbrella.

Just a little while ago, went out to dinner.  We were going to eat at Williams (Tony wanted to have chinese food but I wasn't feeling it) from the moment we got there I wanted to leave.  There was a BABY right behind us.  I tell you, it's always our luck that we ALWAYS get sat near a baby/kid.  Sat there for like 20 minutes if not more waiting for them to take our drink order (the waitress was trying to make sure that the family got everything that they needed thinking they'd give a good tip yes because a family with a kid is going to give a great tip like a couple without one *rolls eyes*) finally we got up and left.

I was glad to do so because I didn't want to be sitting there hearing the kid screaming, sorry but if your baby/kid is screaming take them to the bathroom or outside to calm them down.  Fuck if I did that when I was younger, my parents would have KILLED me.  You don't know how many times my parents would turn around and take us out because we were acting up (or if we did, only did that twice before we learned our lesson).  Now adays, I don't see many kids doing that.  I don't understand it and it's very rude to other customers that either don't want kids or are trying to get away from theirs.  Sorry just my rant about that.

Ended up going to the Old Mill (sorry Deanna

 , I didn't have the camera at the time, next time) instead.  It was kind of packed but with elderly people and I'd rather hear a lot of talking instead of crying.  I can put up with talking not kids screaming.  But you realy shouldn't have kids at that place because there's NO kids section at all.  It's a fancy “adult” place where it's too fancy and most families can't afford their meals.  That's why we like going there.

The service was MUCH better and I got something different since it was later and closer to 7pm (I NEVER eat after 7pm) so I didn't want to gorge myself on things.  The food was good, poor Tony they didn't have mashed potatoes 😦 he really wanted them with his steak.  I uploaded the photos and stuff that I needed to for my new layout that

 is making for me.  I'll probably pay her tomorrow tonight I'm too tired and after this, I'm going offline and shutting my computer down to play with my DS then read.  Nothing on tv we watch tonight but I'd like to relax.  

I did my best to read/comment on blogs earlier since I was a bit behind.  I won't be reading entries every day so expect me to be behind on things from time to time, especially in the summer I'll be off the computer more then on.  Here's something strange…netflix sent us TWO movies that we didn't ask for, Kite Runner & Naked Prey?  Something like that, the second one I hadn't heard of before.  The first one I know it's based on a book that I haven't read or purchased yet.  I'll have to keep that in mind for later. 

Well take care all!  Have a good week!


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